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In preview, the new Apple notebooks: the MacBook Wheel

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A new revolution is coming into our homes from that company American, Apple, which has previously been able to amaze and revolutionize the world of computerized systems.

In this case the revolution affects the world of notebooks with the latest in Cupertino home: the MacBook Wheel.


As you can see from the presentation given by Steve Jobs of the product, the MacBook Wheel, the keyboard does not exist anymore 'and is replaced by a touch wheel with which to select programs and to write with


and in this way becomes "easy" to write letters or other without the use of uncomfortable keyboard.

A wheel to change the way we think notebook.

But Apple always used to wonder, has enclosed in this notebook other interesting features especially geared to energy saving. The MacBook Wheel to save the battery, goes into standby mode after 4 seconds of inactivity to preserve battery power.

To see live product which can be considered a leap forward in the future a thousand years in order to interface with the world on laptops, watch the review on Orion News Network.

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

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