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Where did you get stuck?

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People are locked. You say, "I'm staying here", "I can not do more."

You know what, this is a lie, because as long as you live you can go further.

People think: "I can not stop loving him," "I do not ever graduate", "my man will never want their children by me, but by now who they would take me", "no girl would ever want to put my tongue in your mouth" .

I tell you one thing. People always choose the time to be weak, because they admit their limits is much easier but the truth is that we define our limits so we know where to stop. But that's how we want to live? Do we really want to live so stressed? Melancholy? Depressed?

The world is full of loopholes from their personal failures, full of religions, full of seven, full of great ideals, full of drugs.

But I wonder, was this the way I had wanted my life or is it an excuse?

We can control our lives much more than we think. But often people do not even know yourself these questions. So what do they do? People stop, they stop and ask for help.

But now there is someone they can turn to.

If you also need help follow the Chronicles of David Rea , Emotional trainer, psychologist from the turbulent life and character hard and intractable but his undoubted skills and unconventional methods make it sought after. In each episode tackles and seems to solve a case of people "stuck" emotionally, sexually or humanely.

Where did you get Stuck, a Web hilarious comedies made by a team of Italian into English with subtitles. Have fun.

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4 Responses to "Where did you get stuck?"

  • Maury writes:

    All this reminds me of the crest of the Redeemer ... Why? Is there any connection?

    But you get in Scentology? : D


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    And 'dialogue, reported verbatim, the episode of the Web Commedy Zero "Stuck".


  • yesterday I started to see it .. nice! :) )))


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Yeah, hopefully do the second series even though I think the director has made a film recently actually, so is engaged in another.


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