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Yesterday, the streets of Controguerra appeared strange signs

which have been sent into a national panic. All wondering what they were and why there was a shred of explanation about it. The answer is simple, those who can use the information contained in this folder already know what they are. Those who do not know what they are, probably do not have the opportunity to use that information, so ... ..

But just for the record and remove the curiosity even to those who have the opportunity to take advantage of these signs, I will answer this question. The signs, or rather, that jumble of dots and squares in the cartel is a QR Code Ok, what is a QR Code?

Is explained well on the page on Wikipedia. A QR Code is essentially a bar code which, unlike traditional bar code, the information is not written on a one-dimensional line but inside the interior square available. It can therefore say that a QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode.

Nate, in the beginning to the tracking of parts in the automotive field, are being increasingly used to raise the user from the tedious task of entering data in your phone. Day by day increase more and more cases of magazines, business cards, websites, and more using the QR Code to help users of mobile phones equipped with special software We add contacts, direct them to a website or otherwise.

Ultimately, the objective of pointing a mobile phone with special software to that road sign, some data can be added to the mobile user. There are various types of QR Code and each can add different information to your phone. There are QR Code which can add events to the calendar of our smartphones, I can add contacts by telephone, those who open the software to send SMS with text and default number, those who open the browser addressing a very specific website or those who make a telephone call to a given number.

What does then the QR Code

found on road signs Controguerra? Contains nothing but the contacts to reach the town of Controguerra ie phone number, address, website and email.

For example, approaching the camera of an iPhone by launching the program and to sign free -nigma the result will

and, save in the phone contacts, we obtain

Now you can with just one click, call the town, send mail or open the website of the municipality, or open the browser to find the fastest way to reach the town hall. This here is the decoded version from a reader QR Code online.

Useful, useless? Apparently it has its utility in the sense that tourists always appreciates these technological innovations that make the town look like one of those up with the times to show that this kind of messaging increasingly taken root in our area as evidenced by several cases in our country as Federfarma Teramo, Roseto degli Abruzzi , Civitella del Tronto and others as the town of Teramo, Giulianova of Pietracamela and so on.

A side note, all these municipalities have contracted out the implementation of the QR Code to li8li , site specializing in the implementation of these codes. We have preferred to avoid this for two reasons

  1. Li8li generates a QR Code which does nothing but redirect the browser to their web page like this , for example, Pietracamela while we preferred to make a contact that contains more information than the link to the official website of the town instead to force the user to go li8li and then draw from them information on the town
  2. The exorbitant cost of chiestoci li8li that was ten times higher than what it cost then let us alone.
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7 Responses to "Help, appeared strange signs. Let's talk about 'QR Code

  • giuse.d writes:

    And who does not have an iPhone?


    Emiliano Bruni's Reply:

    There's something for everyone. Who Symbian free download Kaywa reader, who can use Windows Mobile, among others, quickmark and new phones like the Nokia N95 is already included as standard.


  • Cittandino Controguerra writes:

    It would be better to put up a sign as "analog" so they can be enjoyed by all and not just those with smartphone software.
    In addition, the notice should be protected with a film or a sheet of plexiglass to prevent the first joker using indelible black marker is a good time to cover the overhead of black or white randomly draw a nice X on the QR code.
    If the cost remained below the few dozen euros no problem, if it has exceeded $ 100 would be right to think of better ways to waste taxpayers' money.


    Emiliano Bruni's Reply:

    Well, but does not make much sense to put that information in analog. The beauty is you can put everything in one go and faster on the phone.
    It seems strange but if you draw an X on the sign or are covered with some white patches on black QRCode will still be readable. Of course if you spray a spray and it covers everything ... :-D


    Cittandino Controguerra Reply:

    If you draw a large X when the code itself a thickness smaller than the square under the QR code is not read more. At least so my readers behave hardware and software QR codes. Including the iPhone.


    Emiliano Bruni's Reply:

    On my iPhone, with a 10px X, the QRCode still reads. An X 15px prevents reading QRCode.

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