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Foot race in San Nicolò Tordino

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Updated after publication. Added comments to the race movies of the race and my performance recorded on Garmin Connect.

This morning we are competitive sports with the foot race of 10 km of St. Nicholas in Tordino (TE).

About two hundred people, as you can see from the movie below

for a game, technically, not very nice. Long stretches of flat and two climbs, a very nice to S. Act and the other a bit 'too steep.

But the main problem of this contest only runs immediately following the climbs. Excessively steep slopes dall'altimetria as can be seen below.

I am a lover of climbs and descents but even then they were really too steep and difficult to manage.

Personally, after four months away from racing, a good performance though of course no exception. But the fact that they had had physical problems gives me hope for the next race at Martinsicuro (TE), next week.

Obviously, four months out of the race, have weighed on the breath and then cardiac activity with peaks of 185 BPM and BPM that is an average of 179 of my 100% theoretical.

Eventually, however, the important thing is, as always, get there. Here below the video arrival.

For all other info on my personal performance , the site is usually Garmin Connect.

For the rest, Sunday morning I wait for the next 10 km Martinsicuro (TE)

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