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Calendar year 2010 to Rudy Flag

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Yesterday I called narcissistic. The reason is that I had just heard the news about the exit of calendar 2010 readers known blogger blog homonym Ferrara.

A calendar consists of photographs sent to Rudy by his devoted readers but must have some kind of personality disorder-type, precisely, narcissistic if you are lowered to the point of sending photos to Rudy to appear on the which, in short, become the most clicked on the Web calendar that more tissue.

Calendario Rudy Bandiera - Giugno 2009

Ah, I'm in the month of December

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4 Responses to "The calendar year 2010 to Rudy Bandiera"

  • Flag Rudy writes:

    Emiliano, but why did you put just the month of June as a screen? Hehehe, old sage ;-)


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Eheheh, tricks from old blogger :-D


  • Here I am, I am, in June 2010 and are a vain and narcissistic exhibitionist. Wow my ego has overflowed beyond the boundaries of reality.


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    Hehe, glad to have surmounted the stratosphere to your ego. But quiet, you're in good company :-D


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