Oct 26

Always use tubeless tires in MTB.

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Why choose tubeless tires in our MTB rides? Today I changed the rear tire of my bike after about 1000 km.

No, not that it was flat or else. In these three months of use it never gave me any problems either I had to maintenance.

It's just that in winter, with the mud, the chain was approached the wheel so I preferred to get one with less thickness. The one I changed away I will put back in the spring.

But look what surprises I found inside the tire, although it never gave me problems.

Interno gomma tubeless per MTB con aculei
Interior of the tire with spines and even a piece of wire. White foam is the dried latex

There are spines that sprout everywhere in the rubber and, if you notice, there is even a piece of wire. Who knows where I got it.

The magic is due to the fact that my tire is tubeless, that is, it has no inner tube and is filled with latex, the white foam that you see in the picture.

With the tubeless tire filled with latex, you forget about flat tire and, for people like me, who goes to places where brambles are commonplace this thing is essential.

And you? Do you still use the inner tubes? Think about how many times you would have changed the inner tube in these three months. On the other hand, I didn't even realize it 🙂

Oct 24

Mastering Mikrotik - Lesson 1 - Who's Mikrotik and what's RouterOS

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Welcome to the first lesson on Mikrotik and its RouterOs operating system.

Mikrotik is a Latvian company become famous in the world of computing for its network devices.

Its notoriety arises from the fact that all its products use an operating system for network management called RouterOs.

RouterOs owes its reputation to being based on the well-known Linux kernel and, as such, inherits from it all the  opensource features already available in it.

Therefore if you want to run a small, medium or enormously complex network, Linux is often the best solution.

So why use RouterOs instead of Linux ? Because there's just no simple to configure the many features of Linux and get it right.

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Oct 23

Matrioska effect over TCP

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When the helpdesk for a product installed more than 50Km from you, asks you to physically go there because they have to run debug commands on the local network where the product is installed but you know that you can stay comfortably sitting in yout office because...

... you can run an Ethernet over ip tunnel over L2tp encapsulated in a PPPoE session.

Thank you Mikrotik.