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The dog of "Stories from the engine room"

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David White is famous on the Internet for its "Stories from the engine room," a diary every week more or less where David, who works as a SysAdmin, recounts his misadventures with the users of its network and its customers.

The stories are quite amusing, especially for those in the sector so that, either by the way David tells the stories, or for the way we approach the misadventures of its users, has reached, as I said, well known on the web.

Famous are his utterances against Clueless Luser which reserves phrases like "as part of .... not clear "or" You want WHAT? ... What for?? "

And just as famous as one of his few photos on the web that shows precisely the typical expression of the moment when some users go to ask for something ridiculous.


I find it a great expression and I often find myself in front of a mirror groped to emulate it. Well, today I found on the tumblr group 9GAG this photo

Cane con espressione alla Davide Bianchi

I do not say it is not 'the dog of David why do not you believe it!!

Hello David and thanks for your stories that make us lighter than the beginning of each work week.


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Setting: the playroom of my children

Time: Any morning of August

Starring: Me, my daughter Benedicta of six years and my son Philip of three years (or Fillipppo, as my daughter calls it)

Ciak ... Action.

Philip tries to verify that the resistance to the telescope's Day than the centrifugal force, the pope has mounted telescope that after the stresses of Benedetta who wants to see the planets.

The father who, by now exasperated, she quit screaming, for the umpteenth time: "Philip, do not touch."

Benedetta that, seeing his toy now at the mercy of "destroyer in disguise", do not do it anymore and blurted

FILLIPPPO as part of "do not touch", NOT 'CLEAR ??!!!

Dad rolling on the floor laughing.

I know that this expression should be eSATA only within the inner sanctum of the engine room, but it's hard, once the term has entered the common parlance, not to use it in other areas such as family, especially to draw ' Order the sons, you know, sometimes, are 100 times worse than the deadliest CL.

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