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Overview of commands Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2

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Before delving into the art of mixing music let's look a bit 'in more detail in the buttons nell'Hercules DJ Control MP3 E2 and its function particularly in relation to VirtualDJ software supplied with the console.

In the video below we will see how you load the songs inside the deck, as they are played, slow down, accelerate and faders to balance the audio, change the tone and activate scretch.

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In the next video and related article, we will begin to understand the techniques of mixing and mixing our first song.

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 - Unpacking and Installation

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With this article we begin exploring the world of DJ and mixing or mixing audio journey that will lead us over time to learn the basics and techniques to carry out a perfect compromise between two music tracks.

Then we go immediately to meet the main tool that will accompany us throughout this educational activity and music: the console Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2

last born between USB DJ console.

In future articles we will unravel the life and death of this small but great miracles prodottino. For now I give you only some information on DJCE2 that, as anticipated, is a pure console USB mode MIDI. This means that it has no sound card in it and must therefore rely to a PC for file management, audio, and output, headphone cueing.

The console comes with a limited version of the software Virtual DJ which still starting to work and promises hours of fun with mixing and scratching. Of course, as always, if you want to make the leap and become a DJ is a must step to the Pro version of the software.

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2 costs about them in hundreds of dollars but that is all as encloses a small, lightweight product all you can ask for in a simple and efficient to manage their own musical creations.

Finally I leave you with the video showing the opening and the contents of the packaging and the installation of the drivers and the limited version of Virtual DJ.

Advance, from the outset that, in the next article on this topic, we'll discuss in detail the individual elements of the console and how these elements are remapped and used by Virtual DJ.

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The future of cinema. Universal MP3 to download online.

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For the Italian journalist this is the future. Let us better understand his thinking.

La rivincita del cinema e gli MP3

First of all fine with the article by the news that the film, ie those places where we go, we sit on a chair and watch a movie together with others, is not dead but in fact, after seven years, has overtaken its arch - rival, namely the DVD movie watching in the comfortable living room of home.

Fine, but then as the article continues? The fact that the future (the film?) Is something to download online. Future holds? It seems to me the death of cinema, but this gloss because it is not what I wanted to talk as much as the fact that, for the author, the future of cinema / film are "MP3" universal.

Yes, you read right. The future of film lies in the MP3, ie in an audio format, and is also universal. Now someone needs to explain

  1. will they put a film in a container only audio, perhaps, that the writer promises a future where we all blind?
  2. where to check out the adjective "universal", unless the article did not hold out a future monopoly on Universal

Sorry, I confused ideas but in the meantime, what do I do? I've decided. Sell my reader Blu Ray to buy an MP3 ignoramus despite the clerk Mediaworld obstinately maintain that with the MP3 player can only hear the music. He, the ignorant, I do not know that MP3 is the future of cinema.

Update: Ex Pierantonio my attention, via Facebook, that the news of the Republic is resumed, probably by this article in the Wall Street Journal. Obviously this article is far from cut and, if so, was then the Italian journalist, volendoci not lose much time on, he took a paragraph here, a paragraph, we put a little 'of her, she Miscellaneous and end it all came out this mess of an article.

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