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New Year 2010 in Controguerra. The record

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And this year we made to organize the dinner as well as New Year's Eve ball in Controguerra. After two days of preparation, the place was ready to accommodate the more than duecentrocinquanta appearances planned for this year.

Hall for the dinner

The booking system "unique", managed by the protocol of the town, it was found successful and there were too many messes in the allocation of seats at the tables. To improve the collection of money instead, which this year was organized arrival of people. But since everyone was presented on time at 20.30, this has created a line of people waiting to checkout with consequent discomfort albeit short-lived. Maybe next year is to be managed by collecting advance fees or some other form of management.

The evening will, in addition to dinner, movies for boys, a band to enliven the evening as well as music entertainment since the group is just music seventies and you must also give the guests a bit 'of group dances, rock, pop and Bali from the room.

From gourmet hand a start is very good Italian cold cuts on which we all like crazy slingshot view the abundance of food and pass again by the waiters who then improvised, others are not, except those invited to dinner requisitioned for the event ;)

Just enough time to draw breath for a moment and talk among friends gathered at the event and here come the many excellent cannelloni with tomato sauce. Again, the abundance of food is the host even if there is to say that, unlike last year, in late evening is a lot less stuff thrown outward sign that either we have guessed the number of servings or more people ate more.

Overview of the hall

Pending the other courses, began playing the band and soon I realize that something is wrong. Despite the cleverness of the music they make is, however, more suited to a concert at an event indoors, and especially not exactly lend itself to a masked ball at the end of year where people want to dance and have fun. Just to understand, the genre was the "tramp who I am I ....".

Hoping for a change of pace below I realize though, and I'm not alone, that music is still too strong for the local indoor and also with too much bass. The mayor comes up to me and said: "Emiliano, you can tell the group to lower the volume." I go then from the guy who runs the mixer and I say, 'Sorry, said the mayor if you can lower a bit' volume. " You want to know the answer? "No". I have to comment on this kind of attitude?

Gliss then for a while 'until, stimulated by people who tell me that wants to dance a bit' of ballroom dancing and especially the fact that children have to go see the movie, I ask the group to perform the last song of the first part the evening. Piazzo so a little 'of ballroom dancing to a volume much, much softer and send the kids, over 30, watching the film in the adjacent room.


But the atmosphere does not heat up because they want to dance anywhere, either because my music that felt good in the tests before the event, now has something wrong. E 'virtually no bass and the background I hear a strange echo. Given that my music goes, for amplification, through the planting of the group I try to look at the mixer and other settings but it seems okay.

Meanwhile, the knuckle and lentils is expected in late and thus decides to pass the roast mixed, however, is served without salad, and then shows, in my opinion, too stringy.

They spend a half hour and the group decode to play again but their music disturbs the movie and the sound of children's film disturbs their music and then decide, not without complaint, to suspend for now anyway because People are still too interested in food.

Finally the knuckle with lentils latecomer arrives on our table even though, compared to last year, I found it a bit 'too fat, but maybe it happened to my table the cut worse.

However, we arrive at 20 minutes from midnight, and despite missing only five minutes at the end of the film, the group decided to return to play, forcing the children to crowd around the speakers to hear the ending. Fortunately, the movie ends and ends well for my father's interference with music.

We are almost close to midnight, and without a TV available, let the countdown, I and the mayor on stage with my iPhone which I loaded an ad-hoc software.

But you know, when something takes a bad turn drags then behind it all and also the time that, as you can see below, he had until sunset clouds on the horizon, she is putting her and cause rain, we are forced to remain indoors, celebrating midnight and losing, in part, outside the fire prepared to burn the new year.

Wood for burning the old year and the Moon

Moreover, the group continued with their music, always in my opinion, not really suitable at the moment. I am not an admirer of the group dances but I am convinced that at midnight the people want to make a nice train. Resist up to almost one o'clock when, ill-treated by other friendly, I get on stage and asked the group to play the last song. Finally the evening party and also the train. Pee Pee PE PE PE PE ... ..

But after about twenty minutes, another cold shower. I realize that the group is taking apart the equipment. Who has managed the relationship with the group should specify that the plant was left for later music, but apparently has not happened.

At this point, mainly thanks to the intervention of the saint Ninetto and who knows him knows who I'm talking about, dismantle the plant in ten minutes of film and carry him to the stage by connecting my laptop with music "alternative."

Oddly, from that moment on, the sound of my laptop, which, amplified by the installation of the group came out so shameful, leaving more than acceptable by the installation of film and then can continue the evening well, almost, from .

Obviously the choice of DJ, the undersigned, is not very happy. But I say every year that I do not want to take the music and I am hopelessly involved. Fortunately holy Ninetto puts us back a piece with its own CD full of Latin music and dance groups suitable for the evening and then a bit 'of that and a bit' of my arrival at 3.00 am exhausted but happy.

Arrived at this point there is to say that in fact the evening is not so bad as it seems to describe this account told from the perspective of someone who has organized this event and therefore has seen and suffered every little imperfection.

Maybe the other 99% of those invited these problems has not seen them or they were not considered problematic, but this is my blog and this is my new year and I lived like that.

Sure I also enjoyed the contrary, it's fun to organize and solve problems is even more. Besides my kids have enjoyed it a lot more than last year dancing and laughing until 3.00 and that counts much, much more than all the rest.

Just .... ... Emiliano. Reminders for next year. No to live bands. No to the cinema for children, but much better, like last year, a magician or animation content. But above all we do not "cheat" for the third consecutive year with the speech "music." If someone has to put the music, which you call a someone who can make a craft. Ok? ;)

New Year 2010 in Controguerra

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Also this year is renewed, as last year, the tradition of Christmas dinner and New Year's Eve at the end of the year at the municipal gymnasium of Controguerra.

Given the success of last year in which over one hundred people including compatriots and friends enjoyed a world to spend New Year's Eve together between games, karaoke and more, this year the city administration has decided to increase the space available to the party in anticipation of over two hundred guests.

The menu of the evening is rich and varied past of the ordinary Italian antipasto, cannelloni with, the traditional knuckle and lentils to conclude with a mixed grill. And to 02.00 Pennetta party for everyone.

Despite this, even the prices are really popular this year considering the special evening: 20 euros for adults and children over 13 years and 10 euros for those under that age.

Here below the manifesto, prepared by myself for the event.


So where you spend your New Year's Eve 2010?

Preview, two views of the local municipal gym, where Controguerra tomorrow evening, organized by the municipal administration and the pro spot, will be held on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve ball in 2008 attended by about 150 citizens.

locale_fine_anno_2008_veduta_insieme_1.jpg locale_fine_anno_2008_veduta_insieme_2.jpg

Just for completeness, the poster of the event


Controguerra the Wine Festival of Monte San Pietro (BO)

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The first of September I joined a small delegation that attended the festival of wine in that of Monte San Pietro in the province of Bologna.

Two days intent on promoting the good name of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo DOC through the hills of Bologna.

Yesterday I managed to produce a short video that tells the experience.

The video is also available in the short talk that the vice mayor Fabrizio Di Bonaventura made to present Controguerra, its land and its wine in the conference which was held inside the event.

The movie is also available on YouTube in smaller format

My WII to MOCA2008

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What you see below is the installation that I made to MOCA2008 to play all the fans with my WII

My Wii installation at MOCA2008

Notably, the center pole, normally used to install the antennas, stubbornly reassembled and used as support for the projector, projecting from the cloth, assembled in a day with 30 euros of spending by Obi after several chains have tried to electronic material sell versions of "pro" over 200 euros, the subwoofer under the table for camping is provided, along with chairs, a line at the gravy / manray.

An evening of great fun in short, where, from 20.00 to 01.00 I was constantly surrounded by players and golfers ready to challenge me on the tracks of Mario Kart games or Wii Sports.

Too bad that the complexity of installation, but more importantly, the need to uninstall everything to end the evening and put everything in the car, once the main gates of MOCA were closed, I had to give up everything even to repeat the following evening.

28 ° festival Controguerra - Early evening

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E 'in progress, in Controguerra, the 23 ° th food and wine festival. After a couple of days I decided to return a few highlights of this fantastic evenings of music, dance, but especially food.

The first video on the evening of 27 July with the exception of the guests, the tambourines Torrepaduli, a wonderfully exciting that has enchanted the square Controguerra. In the square of the Madonna delle Grazie, pure rock with a sultry singer

Second video on the evening of July 28. In the main square, good old plain, square in the smooth rock instead of the 70, 80, 90 and the new century.

Third evening, July 29th with two events of exception. In the main square, Concierto Intimo Acanto accompanied by the founder of the INTI-Illimani, Max Berru, in the small square Alternating Current,

In this video, do not miss the facial expressiveness of good standards Marcolongo the low per minute 01:36, and the voice of lead singer of AC power.

The car runs perfectly cooked skewers

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For those, unfortunate he did not know, the arrosticini is a skewer of lamb or mutton cut into small pieces. Impossible to describe the idyllic flavor. Or you have tried or do not know what you're missing.

However, one of the key things for a "rustello" perfect (and obviously the quality of the meat) is cooked. The skewer should be turned more often to allow for perfect cooking all sides of the magic cube of meat. Obviously when you have to do with dozens and dozens of skewers to manage it becomes problematic.

But here's the idea that the magician Marco has built a magic machine that turns it on its own skewer. In the video below, aided by chef Joseph, man of the grid and Emiliano dall'untore Pierluigi, the magic machine in operation.

All these can and should comment to confirm the perfection of rustelli emerging from this magical machine

/ me runs