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The newspaper "Il Tempo" confuses year have.

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After the error, real or expected yesterday to Channel 5, here today I happen under the eyes of another blatant grammatical error this time, and what a mistake! horror !!!!.

In an article in the national version of the newspaper "Il Tempo", on an article regarding non-participation of the comic actor Paolo Rossi, he writes, referring a reporter just the actor:

... But to which someone should explain that his exclusion is to be put on a par with that of hundreds of singers who have each proposed their song ....

For me, who gets paid for writing articles on a national newspaper, is not acceptable error so obvious.

Here, for complettezza, the original piece

For the Channel 5 weather, snow over 700 thousand meters

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If today you are going to make a gitarella out the door, to try, perhaps, the space shuttle just bought, you know that over the 700,000 meters you find a bit 'of snow.

At least he thinks so the weather went on the air every 15 minutes this morning on Channel 5

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A wireless network ... thrilling

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house-no-wifi This is for technical, I do not want. From newsgroup it.comp.reti.wireless

I would like to purchase a Draft N wireless router that has 3 antennas "unscrewable.

Huh? What do you want? Antennas unscrewable??

The technical question is: thanks to three extensions, we can put three antennas in three apartments (neighboring) different, or the antennas must necessarily be all three in the same environment?

Apart from the crap of three extension cords from an AP instead of three cables that connect three network access points, but if there are three antennas, it is probably a MIMO access point and, coincidentally, the three antennas are all in the same place. Read three lines from Wikipedia before you speak??

Currently I have a router placed in the basement, which I put an extension cord to the antenna and I took 2 floors up.

I do not think you understand, or rather, I do not understand. Do you have a wireless router in the basement and instead of getting on two floors with a network cable and make them a new access point you have "cannibalized" the antenna of the access point of the basement, you've pulled up two floors of wire antenna and you put the antenna on the second floor? Never heard of a wire antenna dissipates the signal? No. Let's do the math with 10 meters (32 feet) of cable antenna at 2.4 GHz?

Attenuazione di dieci metri di cavo antenna a 2.4Ghz So you're throwing 90% of the signal. All this for not having written a rag of a network cable.

The wireless network works fine on the second floor. As you may have guessed, however, I have no wireless network in the basement.

Fantastic. You did a flight of fancy, although an AP in the basement to bring the WiFi signal at the second floor and now you need the WiFi signal in the basement. What will you do? Put a MIMO AP to the second floor and then extended its antenna to the basement and two other premises.

Ok, with that background, you can do anything you want.

Maroni + Berlusconi: two gems on the same day

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Sorry. Politician I do? Oh well yes, but it is only a side-effect ". In fact I am an engineer and I'm the coach and I would not dream of making "serious" the political and when they are forced to put on the hat of political, when in doubt, ask those who are more experienced than me.

How come, people who know nothing of networks, it allows you to open your mouth on this subject without asking someone like me?

That's so that two high positions of our state, and Roberto Maroni, Silvio Berlusconi, where leaving the same day, with two Bischerate fantastic.

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Which? We're going to hear their own words.

Silvio Berlusconi's visit to the Technological Pole of Italian post states:

Bring to the table [of the next G8] a proposal for a regulation of the Internet around the world, being an internet forum open to the world

Roberto Maroni during the statement to the House on the arrest of two suspected terrorists Moroccans declares:

We are working with managers to develop the IP number is unique for every network user in order to avoid the risk of cancellation or inability to use for several months

We need to comment?

Berlusconi still responds admirably Vittorio Zambardino from his blog "Digital Scene" on the same pages of Republica.

A Maroni is rather difficult to answer. Can someone explain what it means that the finished IPv4 and IPv6, and that still to come?

Proud to be the Abruzzi, but with a b-only.

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I understand when a mistake the name of my region is a "foreign". But when mistakes are my own countrymen, then we step on.

Within the pharmacy and I fell to the eye, on the counter, a stack of brochures illustrating the opening of a new pizzeria. I close a blind eye to that c *** we're doing an ad for a pizzeria in pharmacy, but the thing I come to my attention is the terrible misspelling.


I just hope that the leaflet if they are made by themselves and who have not paid even a chart to do it.

04, but how long it takes to restore a file?

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Today having the need to access the list of my movements Postepay, I went on the site of and unfortunately I found this unpleasant surprise

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0126'
Include file not found

/ BPOL / cartepre / menu_default.asp, line 37
The include file '/ menus / cartapostepay_user.html' was not found.

Oh well, I think, someone has made a chapel and has removed or moved the file from the file cartapostepay_user.html required menu_default.asp. Will stuff a few minutes. But

  • I have given urgency to access the account statement,
  • since the problem is trivial,
  • since it is not yet resolved

call toll-free support because maybe they have not noticed.

Six minutes and ten seconds of conversation waiting to be told that I am aware of the problem, which is a widespread problem (and believe it, a file is missing!) And that we are working (cp / backup / menus / cartapostepay_user.html / menus / cartapostepay_user.html is hard work :-D )

Time has passed already more than an hour from when I realized the problem is still there.

But it will take that much to restore a single file?

Now call support and ask if they give me FTP access to the site so I put it there I like a nice cartapostepay_user.html


Maybe not display the side menu, but we can taken advantage of our statement without waiting for the recovery of files from backup or whatever is necessary to restore the functioning that is, apparently, using biblical times in proportion to the problem.


Four hours have passed and finally the site has begun to function. As they say, better late than never :-D

/ me runs