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Who preaches well then ill scratch

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This time I just wanted to be. Gnawed by envy for this photo on facebook

Ultima checklist anno 2009

I have tried to assert my right about the fact that so much emphasis was given to the author last checklist of 2009 with so much tissue had to outfit and no one but myself immortalized in the first checklist of 2010.

Commenti su ultima checklist anno 2009

Oh, I was convinced he had actually made the first checklist of 2010, but today I was proven wrong publicly. The first checklist of 2010 saw me have dreamed that I joined to 15:00 New Year's Eve 2010. As a consolation prize I deserved a commemorative photo with a single tissue and, instead of the other, a bodyguard of exception.

Round Thursday afternoon

Ok, this is better than nothing :P

Greetings fellow shift yesterday, although he has not hit a nail.

Thanksgiving Day After

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Yesterday I caught your birthday greetings. Today you they let you my thanks for your wonderful collective wishes.

In addition to thanking everyone in general, is a must to thank individually:

  • The Family: Ornella, Benedetta and Philip
  • All colleagues in the Micso and especially Simon, Paul, Pierluigi, Claudio, Vinz, Joseph, John, Norma, Monica, Irina, Stefania, Chiara, Elena
  • Friends bloggers Paul, Dino, Loris, Maury, Lucia, Rudy, Mayhem, Alessia
  • Those of the green cross Giorgio, Mirko, Sabatino, Luca, Massimo, Paolo, Sandro, Stephanie, Melanie (for others please forgive me ... I have not learned your names)
  • The super pumped gym Fashion Gyms Pierpaolo, Simona, Scarlett, Nicolaas, Carlos
  • and, in any order, Piero, Fiorella, Fabio DP, Alexander, Maximilian, Cristian, Raffaella, Pierlorenzo, Stephen, Matthew, Emilia, Massimiliano, Arcadio, Morena, Julian, Annalisa, Christian, Joseph, Diana, Adrian, Antonio, Nando , Marcus DM, Stefania, Valerio, Federico, Massimo, Joachim, Deborah, Roberta, Fabio DA, Paul M, William, Laura, Arianna, Franco, Mark C., Lisette, Nada, Luke, Donato, Tania and the newly arrived Riccardo, who, for one day, has not had the privilege of joining the club of "those born July 21"

You are fantastic. Lovvo you all and I dedicate this video:

Obviously, if I omitted someone, authorizing him to feel credit to me for a coffee and, meanwhile, coached the taste buds with this picture of the table for the party in adobbata Micso


The latest family Brown

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Since Lila, my dog, that you see below in a pose flower

Lilac flower

has lost his beloved daughter Sasha, poisoned by some reckless, always the eyes behind a veil of sadness and, although he had always suffered, even if sporadically, suffers increasingly hysterical pregnancies.

To put an end to this painful situation, we decided to adopt for her son and then here came Ugo

Ahhhh, that sleep

a cute kitten hair and eyes like those of his adoptive mother.

Lila, who is always been a sweet and affectionate, has immediately taken the little kitten and Ugo, on the other hand, being too small to feel aversion to dogs, has been found in Lille a loving mother. Although Lila, for now, is a little reluctant to entertain the little Hugh, he's always managed to find a way of access to food

Ugo approaches to food

For those of you who were curious of why such a handsome cat should have a name so bad as Hugh, must know that everything is born from a game between me and my daughter who wanted instead to call the kitten "bell".

Finding this name is too long and recalling the scene in the movie "Groundhog three" starring the great Troisi,

relative to the length of their name to give to a child, I began to repeat the speckles trois with my daughter explained that with a name so long it would be difficult to call the kitten in the case, for example, were groped flight. So, between you saying "bell" and I was saying "Ugo" This kitten is so sweet left appippato a name so bad.

If you want to see other "poses" of the two friends / enemies, found the book on Flickr or in the slideshow below

Dinner Telug of April 19, 2008

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Last night, after a long pause for reflection, a dinner of Telug. Cazzeggiando usual number but great fun. Have also been able to see a draft of my first "movie" created with the technique of greenscreen and short poster here on my blog.

The photo below, which has a missing component, Gabriele Massimiani, who had gone before we could think it was good and right thing to immortalize the evening with a group photo


Ah, more importantly, we discovered the reason for this countdown

on this blog Heber. Soon you will too!

/ me runs