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The cinepanettone wins. That old-fashioned I am.

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Already a few days ago I wrote about the scandal happened in Italy about the delay in output of Avatar, James Cameron's blockbuster, the only late in Italy to avoid competition with "Christmas in Beverly Hills," the cinepanettone signed De Sica.

For my part I believe that despite this odious choice, however, collections of this film were not so great. Who would be willing now to go and watch the movies usually filled with vulgar jokes, tits to the wind and the usual suspects, now coming to the hospice, who drool behind the skirt of tissue shift which could be fathers if not grandparents?

But, apparently, and as reported also, the "strange" I'm in that in the week of Christmas, the first cinepanettone is closely followed by another masterpiece, as usual Pieraccioni.

Raffronto incassi film tra Italia e Usa - Natale 2009

Just look at the comparison between Italian and American podium to ruin your day. But probably, given the box office, are the only one who thinks so.

2009 The year 2009 will be remembered as the year of social networks, but never like this year because the various Facebook, Twitter & co. have focused the attention of the user but most of all, this symptom of a de facto legitimacy, of traditional media.

More and more often, for better or for worse, the TV and newspapers have given prominence to the implications on the social networking of the various titles of the news even if there is to see a sad reality.

While the emphasis in our beautiful country has almost always had negative connotations, as in the recent case of the statuette on the face of Silvio Berlusconi's Day and fall caused by a woman, but social networks abroad have proven itself as the main vectors the news even before this news arrived in the press as in the case of information coming from Iran or in the case of crash line on the Hudson River.

Going back to 2009 in information technology, dragged or driven classic social networking services, the 2009 has seen the rise of course also for all those services to outline how the various sites sharing videos with YouTube in the first place, of photos with Flickr to What dominates and so on, following the leitmotif that share is beautiful.

The 2009 was also the year of the "usual" browser wars with Google Chrome What dominates market share and gnaw at the "brother" Firefox and the "enemy" Internet Explorer.

The year 2009 was obviously also the year 's iPhone and Application Store that has crushed the competition with over a billion downloads in nine months.

Windows 7 arrived and arrived even Snow Leopard but the biggest surprise was that Microsoft had launched the attack at the heart of the big G, the service search engine with the introduction of Bing, spiders of Redmond, who has had an unexpected success in a niche market that has now been established and entrusted to believe more or less loving hands of Google.

Now we are to be ferried in 2010. What does the new year? The explosion of Google Wave? The widespread use of QR Code? Some new innovative service.

I do not know but since, as I always say, a picture is worth a thousand words, here's the great video summary created by Orli Yakuel, which condenses in the above image.

Report and photos of LinuxDay 2009 in Teramo

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Updated 2009-10-25 20:17

Thanks to Maury, added more photos of LinuxDay. All Photos can be found here, in particular, here's the group photo at the end of the event.

Group photo

Great day yesterday for the operating system Linux, the fulcrum of a series of events dedicated to him in over 120 cities. In Teramo we celebrated appropriately at the Auditorium of the 'Istituto Tecnico Commerciale and Programmers "Blaise Pascal" of Teramo.

Big turnout of the public, especially in the morning with over 300 appearances.

Public LinuxDay 2009 in Teramo

Very concerned, given the location, to talk sul'E-learning held by Paul Gatti and Paul Piersanti

Paolo Gatti

Equally interesting for those of Raffaele Dell'Aversana the likely successor to Java, Scala

Raffaele Dell'Aversana

Boys tired and noisy than the undersigned, on perl

Emiliano Bruni

The afternoon devoted to an audience closer to home use with seminars on the use of Firefox (Valeria Durante), aware and safe use of electronic mail messages using encryption technologies and kstar, a global open source really catchy (Mauritius Antonelli).

This year, much attention has been given to the event by the press with a recovery by the TG3 region and that in his article on national LinuxDay quotes so our event:

A Teramo, in at the Technical Institute "Blaise Pascal", there is a conference with speeches on cryptography and programming. It also announced the possibility of obtaining a digital certificate for free, for personal use, for email communications.

Ultimately, an event fully managed by the joint organization of TeLUG and teachers of the school that our hosts, excellent speakers and the attentive audience.

A big thanks especially go to all the speakers, which I believe is unique in the world, have remained largely on schedule by their actions allowing early closure of the morning session of almost 40 minutes and closing on time that afternoon.

Thank you all and see you at LinuxDay 2010 in Teramo.

LinuxDay 2009 in Teramo - Call For Papers

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Saturday, October 24th is the national day of LinuxDay 2009 with the aim of promoting Linux and free software which, to date, have joined more than eighty cities.

In the province of Teramo, the event is organized by the Teramo Linux Users Group, of which I am privileged to be president, and takes place from 09.00, and for the whole day at the 'Istituto Tecnico Commerciale and Programmers "Blaise Pascal" of Teramo, in Via Andrea Bafile, 39.

Of course, all lovers, users and computer enthusiasts are invited to attend.

If anyone had an interesting topic to which he would like to talk about the world of Linux and the 'Open Source or had experienced on a particular instrument on this world and wanted to share their experience with others then I invite him to propose a workshop for LinuxDay participating in the Call for papers and becoming rapporteur LinuxDay.

For all other information, I invite you to visit the event page and register for a front row seat. The final program will be published after 18 October to enable all interested parties to propose a talk.

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