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Rain inbox

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infiltrazione_mail And 'some' of days that it rains hard here and you know, with the rain we get wet. But when the rain invades computer systems, then they are suffering, as seems to have happened to our user writes.

Hi. I think I have had some leaks in my email. For security, I would change my address and password.

For me, before such drastic action such as changing your address, I would propose to first apply a waterproofing product on the mailbox. Sometimes a solution of this type helps to ward off troublesome leaks.

Simulation of fire in the town of Pineto (TE)

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Articolo da bollino rosso First, a premise. All photographs of wounds in this article are obviously being very realistic simulated but may be not suitable for highly sensitive people. In case of illness the number to call is 118.

Yesterday there was a Pineto simulation coordinated between civil protection and health training project within the regional associations belonging to 'ANPAS.

The simulation provides for the intervention at the town hall where there was a fire in place and involved principally the top field of civil protection with regard to the coordination of rescue operations and the management and eventual removal of the fire itself. The emergence then proceeded, in health, with the identification, management and transfer of the wounded event. A second event also included an incident in which he was involved a van full of boys.

But, as we usually go with order.

The appointment, for men and women of the Green Cross of Villa Rosa Martinsicuro is at 06.30 am for the preparation of resources and facilities and the scheduled departure Pineto at 07:00.

The group Green Cross departing for Pineto

It starts with a Jeep and a half later. Here's our exit a14 at Pineto right on time at 07.57.

A14 Pineto. Our powerful media

Unfortunately the other 16 groups are not well-off and then get a little 'piece-meal in the next two hours including the white cross of Alba Adriatica, the white cross of Teramo, the prose of pine forest, the Angolan Montesilvano and so on in addition to a small representation of the City of Castle.

Almost the last to arrive in large civil protection Mosciano Sant'Angelo with their powerful pieces including un'autoscala of over 30 meters wide.

Descent of a polytraumatized with litter and autoscale

Just enough time for a quick briefing and a group photo (you can enlarge by clicking on the picture below)

and we are ready to go. Obviously leaving before the civil protection assets delegates to check the situation on the ground, secure the scene and then alerted the emergency vehicles.

Unfortunately, early communication is a bit 'confused you too discreet distance from the location of ambulances than the event location and the lack of a radio link up hill, but when the ambulance approached everything becomes clearer. From the operations center there is a general demand for all ambulances sent to the area for the management of the wounded.

Your captain with the other brown Green Cross (now nicknamed "The twins are different") were placed in a health club with friends from the cross Angolana

Team 6 Cross Angolan they have posted the two Bruni

We then slingshot sirens on the fire: the town hall of Pineto. We are the first or perhaps the second ambulance on the scene and then when we enter the scene is still quite a virgin. In turn people wounded and bruised. We travel, coordinated by the officer-in-chief of civil protection to the most seriously wounded and immediately treated in particular on the landing of the second floor, a young man unconscious with a deep wound on his left cheek and, in particular, an amputation of a phalanx of left index finger. Note, in the photo below, the index on the cloth, and note also my first mistake was not put your finger in the ice. On the right, your captain in the act of placing the Saturimetri for the evaluation of the patient's vital signs.

Our first treatment, amputation left index finger phalanx

We continue however the treatment of the patient

Treatment of patients with index amputee

immobilization until the spoon stretcher and ambulance transport to the ground and advanced medical posts (PMA) prepared by the civil protection

Advanced medical post (P.M.A.)

Sbarelliamo and, leaving the patient with advanced treatment, back again on the scene. This time we expect the third floor, a girl polytraumatized

Polytraumatized presumed head injury, fractured right tibia and left radio

with various head injuries and head trauma with probable probable fracture to the radius / ulna and tibia sinist right.

Alleged tibia fracture left leg

Here, the treatment of wounded is a bit 'longer. The longer it would have been anyway because the patient is then brought ashore through the hoist mounted sull'autoscala and then the procedure of transport is already perceived as slower, but the devil takes his own.

We climb it with a handbag in three emergency oxygen but omit the splint indispensable in this case. Also the nurse on the scene explicitly require spinal board although, personally, we could put a spoon quietly on the stretcher. The driver arrived shortly after us must get back three flights of stairs to get to and to bring cord spider and steccobbende.

Pending the driver is also the time to provide emergency assistance to a rescuer who has felt ill and fainted before my eyes.

Aid of a helper fainted on my part

Then leave the rescuer in the hands of a new rescue team and, with the arrival of the driver, place your steccobbende and we are preparing to place the spinal procedure with the log-roll. First, I should have much to say on a log-roll without it there is someone in the head to stabilize the cervical spine but do not. Then I'm going to position the spider or the better we feel. Apparently, in fact, the nurse does not agree on the positioning of the spider because, according to her, I'm putting it in reverse. A little 'indulge in the flask. Final result: a beautiful cord with spider backwards and photos and sfottò appendages. Oh, and what about a patient on a cord that was NOT put any cervical collar?

Apart from anything else the patient is sent down with the litter and we, in waiting for the girl you get there, the sky, on the stretcher

Descent of a polytraumatized with litter and autoscale

At this point we carry "the package" to the PMA and completed the first part of the simulation.

In the second part, a van full of kids had an accident and inside is a hell.

Car accident. Minibus full of kids

We arrive on site and carry a patient on polytraumatized cord. Time collar and spider are the right place. Once past but two would be ridiculous.

Also, before you go away, because I'm in a splint idle hands, seized the opportunity to block the right leg of the poor Letizia, she also involved in the incident on

Letizia with a suspected fracture to his right leg treated with splint applied by myself

This time the simulation is truly over. Happily collect our things before having tasted a hearty dish of tortellini cooked in the form prepared for the occurrence of an association of the Marche.

Form field kitchen

and to have complimented the chef of an encore.

Ultimately we go home happy and with the knowledge they have learned and thorough procedures in the field and putting them into practice is assimilated only live with the hope that this will remain always and only just a simulation.

A special mention to the municipality of Pineto, all'ANPAS regional and especially the talented makeup artists who were able to make truly effective the wounds of patients. Here's a rundown of wounds in art, starting with a right hand with a severe burn of II degree

Severe burns to his right hand

to proceed with a "beautiful" fracture

Fracture in his right arm

and always in the arms issue, fue pretty bloody wounds

Some simulated wounds

gladness and the poor disfigured by an injury to his left temple lacerocontuso

Letizia and other "wounded"

and, finally, a photo "positive", but glad wounds.

Wounded happy

Now I ask you: "do not seem real?

Calendar year 2010 to Rudy Flag

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Yesterday I called narcissistic. The reason is that I had just heard the news about the exit of calendar 2010 readers known blogger blog homonym Ferrara.

A calendar consists of photographs sent to Rudy by his devoted readers but must have some kind of personality disorder-type, precisely, narcissistic if you are lowered to the point of sending photos to Rudy to appear on the which, in short, become the most clicked on the Web calendar that more tissue.

Calendario Rudy Bandiera - Giugno 2009

Ah, I'm in the month of December

Lunches Green Cross - December 2009

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Yesterday big moment of interaction and fun at the camping Villa Elena of Martinsicuro for lunch social volunteers and family members of the Association of Green Cross Villa Rosa Martinsicuro.

Pranzo sociale Croce Verde - dicembre 2009

Great food cooked by chefs and cooks of the association but especially great company and great socialization among people who meet almost every day between a service and another and between people who are not seen but almost never because of the different shifts.

Lunch also cheered by the sympathetic Karaoke animated by volunteers and voluntary less shy


Not to mention the final extraction of various awards went to fall into the hands of volunteers and family members including a 14''Color TV with built-in digital decoder.

In memory of the beautiful day was also present Caioni Gloria, a journalist of the Corriere Adriatico, which has reported accurately in the newspaper the atmosphere and emotions of the event and who knew how to perfectly sum up the great work done daily by the association and its volunteers distinguished themselves especially during the tragic crisis that hit this year, our beautiful region.

pranzo croce verde su corriere adriatico

I do not know if you see but if you look good, with the magnifying glass, pictured bottom right, check also the facet of your favorite captain. Do not you see? Oh well, not to do harm to anybody, add the photos that I made the group a few moments before being immortalized myself.

The men of the Green Cross of Villa Rosa

More photos in the album you can find the photo of the Friends of the Green Cross, including one that portrays your narcissistic captain


Tomorrow you will understand why a narcissist of the adjective :P

Asus Eee Box, evidence of a truly complete miniPC

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I had a chance these days to try an Asus Eee Box, a miniPC size but contained very respectable performance, with features that make it so ideal as office automation workstation very little cumbersome. Asus Eee Box - Vista posteriore The prodottino, despite the minimum size (178 × 223x16mm for a weight of 1.1 kg) shows an overall hardware of all respect. The engine is a classic and reliable processor Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz flanked 1 GByte of RAM expandable, which never hurts, to 2 Gbytes. A large HD and graphics card 160Gbyte of INTEL 945GSE mean that the product's performance are optimal with operating systems that require graphics and speed as the windows manager Compiz Linux or how the effects Aero Windows 7. Obviously they could not miss the network interfaces of both 10/100/1000 Ethernet and wireless technology in 802.11n for optimal access and fast local network and Internet. Complete the endowment a 5.1 sound card inside and a card reader. The product tested was equipped with operating system software or rather was equipped with only Splashtop, renamed Linux distribution from Asus Express Gate, which allows you to take advantage of browser, email, skype in less than 10 seconds from power on the PC. asus-eee-box-express-gate Since obviously interested in this feature I proceeded immediately to remove it even for those two / three seconds less when the boot. So, first thing, I proceeded to install on Windows XP Home via an external USB CD ROM. asus-eee-box-fronte The installation was successful and the subsequent installation of the drivers in the Support CD that came with the Eee Box has allowed the immediate recognition and enjoyment of all the devices of the product. The speed in the 'installation and use of office automation software, browser, antivirus and email programs have confirmed the capabilities of this product to be successful where they are necessary features of network access, word processing, spreadsheets and graphs. We were unable to perform the tests as to push the graphics but the confirmation of operation of components such as Compiz or Aero bodes well for the use of this product even with something as fun. The photo above shows the product placed on a metal base, which puts him upright on the desk, but what is even better to maximize the opportunities for work and his position behind the monitor. The Asus Eee Box provides for support to be positioned behind the monitor according to the standard VESA 75 and 100. In fact, if you make the case on the back of your LCD monitor you'll find four holes arranged at the vertices of a square of side respectively 75 or 100mm depending on the adhesion to the first or second standard. These holes are usually in place the monitor on brackets or wall. The Eee Box uses these holes as the attachment point for the attachment of the product on the back of the monitor. Asus Eee Box montato dietro ad un monitor Despite netting the lowest quality of the monitor, a 15''dated, the Eee BOX is definitely the best of itself, would not it?

Logo del Dipartimento della Protezione Civile On November 20, 2009 I attended, along with colleagues from the Green Cross of Villa Rosa, a local civil defense exercise on the search for missing people. The simulation took place at the border between Alba Adriatica and Martinsicuro and, specifically, at the mouth of the river Vibrata.

Participating in the simulation, in addition to the mentioned Green Cross of Villa Rosa is within the area "civil protection" is within the area "health", including the protection of civil Mosciano Sant'Angelo, the White Cross in Alba Adriatica and a detachment of the army Italian.

Simulazione protezione civile - Spieghiamo le regole del gioco

I am part of the fourth course, the research team called "Team Delta". With me, who plays the role of rescuer of the group and then fitted with the backpack of emergency


is the foreman and another "veteran" of the Green Cross. Completing the group two new elements which have just completed the course of civil protection.

Here is the account of the operation as experienced by myself and my team.

[20:30 Zulu Time]

At the initial briefing we receive instructions from one of the elements of the Joint Operations Center (COM) set up at the rotunda in Villa Rosa.

Simulazione Protezione Civile - Briefing

The instructions are to go to the first round of the promenade of Villa Rosa, to reach the shore and continue towards the mouth of the river Vibrata searching for two missing, a man and a woman were seen, the last time, on a river boat.

Once you reach the river, the instructions are to divide the team into two and then go up the river on both sides of the two and looking for any traces left by their clothes or what else.

[21.00 Zulu Time]

We reach the roundabout and look, by radio, the positioning of the other teams and the way of operations

[21:10 Zulu Time]

Got the green light, we begin the reconnaissance of the beach equidistanziandoci with each other and began research on the ground to comb. We begin to find various clothing possibly belonging to two missing; sweaters, men's pants, a hat and then a bag lady. Indeed, in a real situation I would almost think that played to nine and a half weeks along the beach. COM Comuque communicating continuously with the various findings and points where the garments were found.

[21:30 Zulu Time]

Reach the mouth of Vibrio and divide us. Team Delta / B formed by the foreman and the other member of the Green Cross over the river and begin to scan the river south and the two novices as I'm going to form the Delta Squad / A and we begin to fathom the north side.

The fact that we divided it seems strange because first of all having a single radio we have to scream from one bank to another and also, being myself, rescuer of the team, on the north side, in case of discovery of the missing or health problems the other half of the team could not help it. Moreover, being the first simulation in which many of us involved, it seems strange that they sent half the team composed of experts not just in jeopardy. However, these were the guidelines and we standardized.

See map in full screen or download the file to view it in detail on Google Earth

[21:45 Zulu Time]

We have now risen more than halfway river before the bridge of Via Roma. On the way is the Delta / A that the Delta / B have found several traces refer to the two missing. The fact of the COM that we are finding stuff is on the north side than on the south bank became suspicious the operator. Oh yes, it is now clear. The information received in the initial briefing was not accurate. The Delta team was not in fact divide. Directives are therefore of COM is obviously impossible to meet before reaching the bridge in Via Roma. Then continue along the river to rejoin the team.

[22:00 Zulu Time]

Reached the bridge of Via Roma. The slope of the bank on the south side is difficult and the team Delta / B asks for our help. Fortunately, from the north side, on the embankment of concrete, there is placed an iron ladder that allows you to easily lift. But they are hampered by having to wait for the two "novices" and my sense of responsibility obliges me to remain there until the two are not on the roadway. Meanwhile, the team Delta / B, after a long climb has reached the roadway.

We reunited and we head on Via Magenta, corner Via Roma, where there is a rest for reconnaissance teams. We communicate with the COM informing them of our position. The COM tells us to wait there.

[22:10 Zulu Time]

While we're refreshed, we listen to the situation on the radio. It seems that a team has collected the testimony of a person who says he saw climb the bank by a couple. Maybe you are not missing much more dispersed.

But in the meantime, the question evolves into another direction. A team needs urgent medical intervention as one of the rescuers has been done to a bad ankle. Another team announced they had found a car crashed into two people on board with. Then leave immediately but two autombulanze communication problems leading either with us since the COM announced that the person with pain in the ankle and the team Delta.

The confusion increases because actually one of our team complained about pain in the ankle from the start, a situation that has worsened with the route, but not so much from seeking medical support and also do not understand those who have requested this support.

Simulazione Protezione Civile - Mezzi di soccorso

[22:20 Zulu Time]

Subsequent requests to the COM to understand that the ankle problem is in the Mail Beta team embankment south of vibrato. The ambulance team to reach this part.

[22:30 Zulu Time]

Bored by the fact that things are happening elsewhere and we are still catering to ask the COM guidelines about what to do. Apparently, once again, someone has misunderstood or someone has explained badly. Did not have to stop. The control unit then communicates to return. Then take Via Magenta to return to base camp.

[22:35 Zulu Time]

At the intersection of Via Balbi and Via del Pineto, we meet a civil defense volunteer who asks us if we saw several ambulances because, just along the country road before they crashed a car with two people on board who have applied for assistance but still nothing has arrived. We understand at this point that both ambulances went to help the volunteer with the ankle and that none has arrived here. Decide to continue as health care, along with Team Delta, along the country road to help relief efforts.

[22:45 Zulu Time]

As you approach the car crashed with the ambulance. There is then requested from the central return to base camp. Inclined to believe that the road we are traveling to reach the promenade continue.

[22:50 Zulu Time]

The road continues to deteriorate to a close, less than thirty meters from the seafront Italy. For those who are watching the map on Google Maps. The last stretch of road that on Google joins the promenade on "La Villa Srl" simply does not exist. We decide to continue along the campaign by making its way through weeds and shrubs.

[22:55 Zulu Time]

We are now about five meters from the road. A separation, a deep ditch about five feet and a hedge. We reach a point where the hedge is sparse, we descend into the ditch and not easily able to reach the road and return to the car.

[23:20 Zulu Time]

The simulation is over. We expect the mezzemaniche with seafood, ham, cheese, bread, hot tea, water, tiramisu offered by the Green Cross of Villa Rosa and the legendary chef of the restaurant Nicola La Palma.

Simulazione Protezione Civile - Cena Post evento

What can I say to conclude and sum up the record of this experience. Surely something very beautiful and educational. I never imagined that one day I went up the creek at night Vibrata and still be left with no problems is already perceived as a victory marked by the fact that for over half an hour, I was still in charge of a mini -team with two novices, and even then nothing happened irreparable.

A little 'disappointed rethinking the work done by other clubs compared with the marginal operated by us. Surely the problems of communication during the briefing and during the entire event have weighed on this, but on the other hand, practice does just that. Also if you really wanted to criticize the COM communication during the briefing, we can not forget that if at the time of the division's team had informed the COM our intention to divide us as instructed, surely would have been immediately corrected the misunderstanding and we would then continued exercise by following the correct guidelines of the COM and maybe things would have unfolded differently.

But as said, practice does just that, to improve and reduce the error margins entire operation.

Ultimately it is therefore an experience to repeat as soon as possible and in fact I will be Sunday, December 13th, all day, a new civil defense exercise, this time seems on the hydrogeological instability. Expect then tumbler, any direct live and, of course, a new report.

Here it is already Christmas time

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I do not know you but here I was already Christmas time

e =

And in a post like this was impossible not to add the video below.

YouTube Preview Image

So, well in advance, Merry Christmas to all my regular readers and those that have come here by accident.

All answers about crop circles and the death of Paul McCartney

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The mystery of crop circles has always fascinated you? You are among those who believe that Paul McCartney is dead? Always look on Rai Due Voyager but their explanations have not satisfied?

You're ready for the truth.

With some images from the program and ridoppiaggio exhilarating, the author of Avoyager, teases Voyager and its creator and makes us understand how you can say everything is the exact opposite of everything without saying anything.

In the first video, the truth about crop circles, but not take it too seriously, please. This episode offers goodies such as:

Why in the top right we have added a titolino "traces of prophecy" when we have not used any of the two words?

or as

thousands of gigabytes of Joule our solar system

quote it to a big conspiracy theory of the web that I leave you to discover for themselves. Who's coming? In the meantime, meanwhile, you should definitely watch the first episode of Avoyager.

YouTube Preview Image

In the second video, the shocking truth: Paul McCartney is dead, crushed under the 'UFO crashed in Roswell and, from that night, the Beatles have replaced Paul with a double and have eliminated all those who approached this burning truth in what was called

the night the Beatles began to silence all those who were aware of the death of Paul and would therefore have revealed the plot

Also have you ever noticed that

The number of letters forming the word "Beatles" is equal to the number of letters forming the word "DECEASED"

These are things that give to think about, right?

Ok, all your doubts about Paul and the Beatles' plot revealed in the second episode of Avoyager.

YouTube Preview Image

And the author promises about the third episode. Stay tuned.

Thanks to Rudy for having discovered these rare gems of wisdom :-D

Il mio computer in auto. Installazione di Centrafuse 3.0.

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neobox_musa For those who do not know, for over five years, I have a computer as a car radio to listen to music and do other things. If I fall from the clouds at this news, before I suggest you look at the article that discusses the construction of my carputer I call "NeoBox" inside my old Fiat Brava in 1994 and, subsequently, the transfer the same in my new Lancia Musa in 1995.

In fact from that article a few things had changed. Avevo infatti temporaneamente sostituito Windows 98 con Linux per motivi di stabilità perdendo però la possibilità di usare la radio, il GPS e altro. Inoltre, utilizzando Amarok come interfaccia per la musica, avevo si guadagnato la possibilità di cercare canzoni particolari, ma avevo perso l'interfaccia comoda a pulsanti enormi del software da me sviluppato .

Neobox Player

Subsequently, tempted by the stability of Windows XP, have returned successfully to my software under Windows XP. But there was to say that, for example, the radio card, removed in the transition to Linux, had never been reinstated and the GPS was then left unused for lack of software and updated maps for the PC.

E 'at this point that we come in there to tell you briefly about a leap forward in the use of my computer from auto. Long abandoned the hope of change and broaden my management software for reasons of time, I recently decided to try one of the software available on the market.

And it is indeed about a month that I was testing the 2.0 version of software for CarPC seemed well done. Sunday saw the release of version 3.0, I downloaded and I decided to buy it.

The software in question is called Centrafuse and it cost me to change them € 54.00 but is worth it.


Nel video sotto potete vedere l'utilizzo che ne faccio come player MP3 che permette non solo di ascoltare ovviamente la mia collezione di musica in MP3 ma anche cercare per titolo, autore, album e cosi via.

YouTube Preview Image

Mi permette di vedere i video, le immagini presenti sul PC e, cosa fantastica, si collega come auricolare del mio iPhone e mi permette di usare il vivavoce tramite un microfono collegato alla scheda audio del PC abbassando automaticamente l'audio della musica. Inoltre importa correttamente l'intero elenco di contatti già presenti sul mio iPhone.


Allows me to finally listen to the radio in the car but not all. Flippato dalle varie possibilità di questo software ho collegato al PC la mia Creative Live Motion inutilizzata e quindi ora ho in auto anche una camera posteriore che mi aiuta nei parcheggi.


Inoltre, come si vede anche nel video, essendo la webcam motorizzata la posso spostare a piacimento per raggiungere i punti posteriori più nascosti.

Mancherebbe il discorso navigatore GPS ma, per questo argomento, vi do appuntamento ad un altro articolo su questo blog.

Una rete wireless…da brivido

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house-no-wifi Questa è per tecnici, non me ne vogliate. Dal newsgroup it.comp.reti.wireless

vorrei acquistare un router wireless draft N che ha 3 antenne”svitabili”.

Huh? Che cosa vuoi? Antenne svitabili???

La domanda tecnica è: grazie a tre prolunghe, posso mettere le tre antenne in tre appartamenti (limitrofi) differenti, oppure le antenne debbono necessariamente stare tutte e tre nello stesso ambiente?

A parte la porcata di tre prolunghe da un AP invece che tre cavi di rete che collegano tre access point, ma, se ci sono tre antenne, probabilmente è un access point MIMO e, guarda caso, le tre antenne servono tutte nello stesso posto. Leggere tre righe da Wikipedia prima di parlare???

Attualmente ho un router messo nel seminterrato, al quale ho messo una prolunga alla antenna e l'ho portata 2 piani più in su.

Credo di non aver capito, o meglio, non voglio aver capito. Hai un router wireless nel seminterrato e invece di salire su di due piani con un cavo di rete e mettere li un nuovo access point hai “cannibalizzato” l'antenna dell'access point del seminterrato, hai tirato su due piani di cavo antenna e hai messo l'antenna al secondo piano? Mai sentito dire che un cavo antenna dissipa il segnale? No. Facciamo due conti con 10 metri (32 feet) di cavo antenna a 2.4 Ghz?

Attenuazione di dieci metri di cavo antenna a 2.4Ghz Quindi stai buttando il 90% del segnale. Tutto questo per non aver steso un cencio di cavo di rete.

La rete wireless del secondo piano funziona benissimo. Come avrete intuito però, non ho rete wireless nel seminterrato.

Fantastico. Hai fatto un volo pindarico, pur avendo un AP nel seminterrato per portare il segnale WiFi al secondo piano e ora ti serve il segnale WiFi nel seminterrato. Che farai? Metti un AP MIMO al secondo piano e poi prolunghi una sua antenna al seminterrato e in altri due locali.

Vabbè, con queste premesse, puoi fare tutto quello che vuoi.

/ me runs