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Some 'time ago I had already experienced the ability to view this blog in a version more suitable for reading on mobile devices like iPhone but without great results.

But today, thanks to the WordPress plugin WPtouch, the result is nothing short of phantasmagoric with minimal effort. If you're reading this article from a personal computer, look at how they see this blog but now users of smartphones and iPhone.

And get this simply by clicking on "Install new plugin" Well, that's priceless.

Automatically all the articles in this blog are therefore now available in light version to be enjoyed in a user friendly from a mobile. Also thanks to the optimization of the theme of Wordpress you get excellent performance combined with limited connectivity as also evidenced by the following graph that compares the display time of a site with and without this plugin with different types of connectivity.

Obviously it is possible, even for iPhone users and the like, to reach the "full" version of this blog, utilizando switch "Mobile Theme" placed at the end of the page.

and, as the British would say, last but not least, are "melafonizzati" also comments, archives of articles by tag, months and categories, and research.

You can ask another?

Switch off analogue for this site. Switch to WordPress

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No, not thinking of the TV transition from analogue to digital but a local event to this blog though somewhat momentous.

The abandonment of Movable Type as a blogging platform and a switch to WordPress.

The Wordpress Monster eating Movable Type

The transition was pretty long, more than a week and that is why, in this period, the frequency of publication of new articles has suffered a bit '. And speaking of things that there were quite a few ', from the Bam Bam Ristosauro of St. Martin in the race to the exercise of civil protection, but there will be time to talk about these things in the coming days.

In this article I propose instead a few reasons that I have more or less forced to this step and the difficulties encountered.

why_choose First of all because I switched to WordPress? Well, the reasons are many. First, since I tried WordPress I loved the simplicity with which you can publish posts, manage tags and categories. Also the incredible flood of additional plugins made it really great for quickly and easily add functionalities and features that I felt left out of my blog and I could not add due to time constraints.

I had also already made plugins and themes for WordPress and then switching to this blogging platform did not frighten me much.

But the main reason is that the administration of Movable Type had become unmanageable. While the published version, which consists of static pages, was obviously fast, the part of administration and publication of news was slowed even more fantastic forcing me to wait many minutes before you can move from login to being published and then minutes and minutes for the review of the articles.

Somehow I do not ask me. I tried a little 'around and it seems that, apart from general problems of slowness, there was no one who had problems such as heavy as me. Maybe some strange interaction between the server running on my blog or something similar.

The fact is that the alternative was to try to discover the arcane or throw the whole thing and start from scratch. I chose this second option.

steps At this point could only discover how to proceed with the mammoth task of converting all the stuff piled on my blog to pass the new system.

I must say that the hardest thing that I thought that is the transfer of articles and comments between a system and the other was rather semplicisimo and immediate. The export of articles and comments of Movable Type is fully digested by WordPress and then magically I found the articles in the new system.

VideographEx Upgrading to 1.3

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Another small adjustment in my Wordpress theme. In addition to fixing some small bugs and some small code improvements, this release adds a workaround for a problem in bees Vimeo.

As I noted in this post on the forum for developers to Vimeo, and in some cases, the PHP array sent by the bees to Vimeo with data from a video, is not properly formatted and this leads to the consequence that the deserialization fails end and then the array is not accessible. In particular, in my case this means that in some cases, the thumbnails of some videos from Vimeo were not correctly displayed as noted by Phil, in this comment on my site.

This release mainly fixes this problem then.

VideographEx Upgrading to 1.2

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Small update of my theme for Wordpress VideographEx. Apart from marginal content that you can read in the ChangeLog, the most important thing is support for movies sent mode pseudo-streaming from web servers such as the 'Apache or Lighttpd via the form mod_h264_streaming that transforms a "progressive download" into a movie streaming mode.

My theme now adds support for thumbnail images of these films and in particular flash movies H.264 extension. F4v.

Unfortunately for the operation of this method assumes that the flash that encapsulates the movie, the JW Player, it is called with a variable "streamer" set to "lighttpd" (even for apache :-D ). Unfortunately the Viper plugin that inserts the meta tag [FLV] which is then transformed by the Wordpress code needed to generate the JW Player does not allow manual setting of this variable.

I put in the forum plugin Viper, the problem identified and a patch that I used to encapsulate the videos of this type and allows you to write stuff like


Viper replied to the forum and, apparently, already the standard version of his plugin supports the ability to manually enter a value for the parameter "streamer". The syntax is slightly different from the one I proposed above, but I already tried and it works well


with proper operation of the player in the presence of these movies on these servers as you can see from the demo of VideographEx and, in particular, in this movie.

E 'nata Controguerra TV

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Ten days of absence from the blog is a lot for myself and of course, deep down, why was there and who knows me well he certainly sensed that something was cooking in the pot when we take account of my recent blog post where he announced the creating a theme for WordPress to publish movies online.

The rationale was the need to brush up on old projects that two of the closet now that you see the light.

It 'the first is just born. E 'online a few hours before it CONTROGUERRA TV, WebTV, the first of our beautiful village.


Finally in a single portal, all shots of local councils, footage of the demonstrations, events and any associated media contribution to our beautiful country.

The effort made in terms of development and graphics has been remarkable, especially for someone like myself who is considered a graphic emerita duffer.

However, in the end, I must say that the result seems quite nice, straightforward and simple in content research. What do you think?

Obviously, if someone wants to work with this project, we will welcome with open arms.

VideographEx, video on how to install it

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In this video I explain how to install VideographEx on a clean install of WordPress.

[yt] RDO-Tj3FsGI [/ yt]

VideographEx is an official theme of WordPress

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I have just been informed that VidegraphEx passed all the controls on the team of WordPress and was therefore accepted as the official theme.

Here the official page of the theme on the WordPress theme directory.

E 'online download page VideographEx

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The download page for VideographEx, my theme for WordPress that turns your blog into a distributor of video content is online.

And there is also the logo.


This weekend I was looking for something to handle the many videos produced for the town of Controguerra and those produced by myself. The goal was and is to manage Controguerra TV and start a domain that I registered for some 'time with this very purpose and has never gone to lack of time.

Obviously, rather than trying to make a platform from scratch, which in a way similar to YouTube, allow me to post personal videos, videos from YouTube and / or other video distribution platforms, both in Quicktime streaming video of the municipality.

Surprise, there's a ready to use. The one that came closest was a nice theme for Wordpress called Vidéographie, graphically, not evil, that turns WordPress, an excellent manager in PHP blog, a site similar to YouTube.

Obviously there is a but. Vidéographie manages one and only content from YouTube, by its limit of uploading videos to a maximum duration of 10 minutes is not exactly the best and it was certainly applies to my case.

Why, and who knows me knows how much it cost me, I had to prostrate at the feet of PHP and Vidéographie modify to suit my wishes.

What they have gone outside is an excellent result even at that the same developer Vidéographie that also gave me the opportunity to redistribute the modified code along with its added by me through the GPL. The photo below shows the demo of the product currently online.


VideographEx, unlike Vidéographie supports video loaded locally or remotely flash, video in Quicktime loaded locally or remotely, supports RTSP streaming protocol of the Darwin Streaming Server, and associated support post without video support video uploaded in the following provider of multimedia content :, Dailymotion, Flickr Video, Google Video, Metacafe, MySpace,, Veoh, Viddler, Vimeo, YouTube.

For now, have not yet managed to make the product page for the download, installation and documentation thereof.

For the most willing and eager, there is a SVN to download the source of development. For those who want to just look at the features introduced in English I posted a video on YouTube (always the limitations of YouTube, I had to split it into two) with a tour of it.

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