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The courts of Google Chrome

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For those who do not know, Google Chrome is the new browser, which is the new program to navigate, the big G.

Google Chrome is posed in a market segment really difficult because they are already sufficiently saturated by the various Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Opera browsers, just to name a few.

Yet here, too, Google has been able to say his managing to carve out a niche for now little one, thanks for your browser to certain attributes peculiar to the interface very clean and minimalist, its excellent speed at the show so much that the pages seem to have done an upgrade of bandwidth just to mention a couple of "features" of this browser.


In my humble opinion, for now, to weigh the scales on the side of Mozilla Firefox is the only lack of extension, really useful in Firefox, and lack of support for other operating systems besides Windows, even if something seems to move in this side.

Update of 08 June 2009: Computer Point, announced versions for Mac, Linux support for extensions for Google Chrome.

Course around its browser, Google has stitched mother a series of targeted advertising campaigns, including a series of "short" really nice.

There propose here some.

First, a beautiful animation, created with the technique of stop-motion, to show the logo of Chrome that, like the game Breakout, bumping into obstacles at the end playing the browser interface.

With the same technique, using only A4 sheets, you create a wall several animations and banners reading and shows the simplicity of Google Chrome

and finally a video showing the peculiarities of the browser in a visually appealing

All other related videos you can find them in the YouTube channel dedicated to this browser.

Damn! Google Chrome has crashed

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E 'is the message that awaits you if you try to import the settings of Mozilla Firefox on the new Google Chrome 2.0


Actually, the problem seems to be present only in the import of search engines loaded in Firefox it just choose not to import this single configuration

google_chrome_finestra_importazione_preferenze.png to avoid crash Google's new browser mother. A bug surely be resolved as soon as impact, immediately, the way in which a user may arise in respect of this new tool.

7 Days with Windows 7

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E 'over a week since I installed on my computer at home and the office's new operating system for home Redmont driven by curiosity, by the news that circulated online about the proper functioning of this Release Candidate Build 7100, and the fact that it is freely downloadable and usable in the Ultimate version and then in the most complete version of what will be then that future packaging of this product.

The downloaded version will expire on first giugno 2010 but, from the first March 2010, in order to push the purchase of a commercial version, the computer will begin to stop every two hours.

But until that date, no time to enjoy a full new product and decide whether to make the big leap or not.

Obviously, in a week of use are so many things that I noticed that I liked and now I am going to bring back with one key caveat: being jumped directly from Windows XP to Windows 7 and Vista are not having completely missed a very practical about functionality present in previous Microsoft OS I do not know if some new feature for me has been introduced in Windows 7 or was already present in Vista. If you find anything about it please notify me.


The first thing that jumps off the screen during the installation of Windows 7 is its simplicity and efficiency. few questions, well placed and a few choices without any problems, inaccuracies or possible misunderstanding.

The installation goes down smoothly and is able to have a car running in a very short time. The second thing that surprises is the list of compatible drivers already present in this operating system. On two computers that included RAID cards, video cards of last generation, dual and quad core, dual monitors, and more, Windows 7 has automatically recognized all the hardware without asking absolutely no external driver.

The only case of "incompatibility" was with my CanoScan D660U, compatibility, however, due generally to all 64bit systems, so that does not apply to this operating system in particular and explicitly stated by Canon. Problem solved by installing the scanner within a Windows XP on a virtual machine.

For the rest, all the programs that I had previously installed worked fine on Windows 7. The only foresight is relative, only in certain cases to different management of the registry under different accounts for which, sometimes, you must give the administrator of the Program. But a stroke of the right mouse button and you're done.


Another positive surprise is obtained at the start of the operating system and is related to the speed of ignition of the PC. The time is very short even after you install a lot 'of applications. I'm talking about time under a minute, since the ignition when you have the ability to launch and use a full program such as Microsoft Word.

If we use the features of Hibernate (and I see no reason not to use it), the time down to under 30 seconds are respectable numbers, if you will.

The "Start" menu now not using it almost more or better is used only for research and application for starting the same


The Quick Launch bar was attached to inteligente taskbar. In the same area now appear, in fact, both applications running, both for the Quick Launch


You see in the image above from left to right, for example, "Explorer" and "IE" present but not running in your taskbar, Firefox and Thunderbird running, other applications have as quick start and the last, the Paint, in performance but that, once closed, it disappears from the taskbar as not included as "application faster." The taskbar is very useful because, for example, you can access a sort of "Favorites" for that application. If, for example, you right click on "Explorer" or "IE" to access a list of recent folders or the last visited websites with the ability to block some of these "Favorites" to have them always on the list .

Gadgets are well made and occupy very little resources


and you can download more from the site on.

Finally, the standard has been integrated into a graphics program, the replacement of the old paint that wash
ra on classic GIF / JPEG / PNG, and also is smart enough to automatically adjust the output format for the type of image that we're going to save by offering, for example, the excellent PNG for images with few colors, and JPEG for photos


and two indispensable utilities that had to be first on the network, one for taking snapshots of parts or all of the monitor, called "Snipping Tool"


and, dare I say finally, the necessary post-it to avoid clutter our desk with all those yellow slips. Now we can clutter up our monitors


There would be many other things to say, but for now I leave you with this brief glimpse sure that, for now, on two PCs, I am fully satisfied with how it is behaving this Windows 7. Maybe you again in 7 days .

Spore, the game evolution

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Another geniality from that Will Wright, developer, among other things of games that have made history as Sim City and The Sims.

Obviously this game riding the wave of the simulation. As in Sim City is going to simulate a city, the creation of buildings, roads and more, while The Sims is going to simulate the daily life of an individual, with Spore, Will Wright gives us a new level of play, to a cell to evolve from the primordial soup to the conquest of the galaxy.

The evolution of the cell passes through six main roles:

Cell phase




Conquest of space.

Each of these phases is characterized by different modes of play. I can tell you for now only the first two phases, and that of cellular creature, just as they are passed to the Tribe stage, and I have yet to understand something of this new phase.

In the cell phase, the goal of the game is simply to collect the remains of food and eating, possibly other animals that live in the primordial soup. Obviously that is the law of "stronger eats the weaker" so be careful to check the battle alone with smaller animals or not provided defense of our character. The food we grow, you DNA points that allow us to evolve by acquiring new forms and new components for our body as new flagella to swim faster, quills for fastest-selling, appendices to shoot poison or electric shocks, and so forth.

Here, for example, in my first gaming session, my evolution from cellular organism up to the mainland


At this point you will leave the primordial soup and exit on the mainland. And 'the Creature phase, whose goal is obviously to continue evolving, fighting against the nests of other forms of life on land, either alone or in crowds, with others of our own species. Besides combat you can also form some alliances with other species which then become our friends. The more you eat, the more you can change their appearance with new appendices, new clutches and new attributes.

Here under my creature was evolving from that tribe


The best thing the game is definitely the editor to change the look of our character. Really well done, you can change appearance in any fraction. Think that you can select the spinal column of our avatar and stretch it, reduce it, bend it in every smallest part.

Eventually you can, before returning to the game, test the changes made on an arena, take pictures and send any movie directly to YouTube.

Here, for example, a closeup of my child


Truly terrifying. True?

Here below the video filmed in the arena during the test some of its characteristics of skill

Obviously, a game recommended for everyone to spend a few hours of entertainment to create new life forms and civilizations to boldly go where no one has gone before xxxhvshgsvgds

How to create a comic

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It 'always been my dream to attain a strip of a comic. Especially now that I often find myself writing "cabbage" for this blog, I sometimes felt the need to decorate the "news" with a few comic ad.hoc, but it is often difficult to find one and the realization of a zero, I thought impossible.

Until today I imbattutto with Toonlet.

An image, a thousand words, here is the first "test"

Is not an instrument uber cool?

Openvpn + Putty + Remote Desktop on your handheld

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Finally, after several attempts started and never completed in time, I managed to get my good postazioncina for access to my office network from my handheld, a HTC Touch Flo.

In particular, as we see with computers dall'iconcina green at the bottom right, access to "dedicated" to my car to the office is via OpenVPN, as it obviously for Windows Mobile


For access to remote desktop to this machine I have used this little program here that I found really well done. Has two modes, one that allows you to have shrunk in the whole screen of the handheld screen, as you see below will work very smoothly


and another mode with the screen in its native resolution with a thumbnail preview in the lower left that allows you to move very smoothly in other areas of the screen

Finally, could not miss the classic version of Putty for Windows Mobile which connect, obviously SSH2 VPN, with servers in our server farm


I must say that this program made me a bit 'suffer. The original version because, unlike the PC version, does not have support for connections via proxy, in particular, in my case, support for a SOCKS proxy.

Fortunately, Ravana in the support forums I found this guy who has made a version with the tab and then the support for proxy connections

that, apparently, it works fine even if you try to download the. zip I did a little 'scare as a broken link. Fortunately, the. Exe exists and is the one I installed with satisfaction.

Trying all on a GPRS connection at 56k I have to say that you are still unable to benefit satisfactorily is that of the SSH access to remote desktop.

I look forward to having to make an intervention in the emergency server farm from a train .

Some extensions of Mozilla Firefox, which I plan to try

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I read the blog Molok:

  1. Vimperator
    This extension gives
    Firefox a look-n-feel like the editor Vim, then keybind very similar and
    (default) nothing Toolbar; fact makes it possible to navigate without having to
    (almost) never touch the mouse, they can also "click" the link
    through an ingenious trick: each link is marked with a
    numeric labels, to open the link just type the number (if you want you
    can also type the name of the link).

  2. ViewSourceWith
    see the source of the pages with an editor of your choice, but
    what is more stain, allows you to edit any input-box (or as
    whatever you call it) with your favorite editor.

Open file OpenDocument (ODF) with Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007

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I admit it. I removed all installations of on all my computers. But we want to do. Microsoft Office 2007 is too good.

But I still have some old documents in. Odt,. Ods, and so on that are documents saved in OpenDocument (ODF).

Today I had the need to open just one of these documents and, usually, to do this, do a lap really absurd :-D . I opened a virtual machine without a hard disk, a spear with a live distro of Linux, I opened the document with the OpenOffice in this distro and export the result. Doc.

Today I balked. Possible that there is a plugin for Microsoft Office to open ODF files?

First I found this news in which, over six months ago, talking about a plug-in for Office 2003 and stating that "so far only the latest version of Office was able to use the format."

Ah, but then my Microsoft Office 2007 already opens the ODF file and I do not I have never noticed. See you how good mother Microsoft.

I open the Office and try


ODF extension but no trace. No, I've been a good mother.

So I'm going to try and finally, on sourceforge, I find 's Open XML / ODF traslator Add-in for Microsoft Office
that in addition to support Office 2003 also supports Office 2007.

Now, this plugin is made by a number of partners including Microsoft, which turns out to be "Funding, Architectural & Technical Guidance and Project co-coordination", but like hell you have dreamed of adding support for ODF directly within the product. Do I have to look for and then to install it. I do not think something very beautiful.

But let's go ahead and try to install them. Plug-ins, separate for each product family's Office, Word (. Odt), Excel (. Ods) and Powerpoint (. ODP), are installed easily and seems to work well but there are some notes painful.

First, the first at once, I opened Microsoft Word, I went instinctively on "Open", I have looked over the list of extensions and support. Odt still no trace.

The plug-in not working? No. It's' only found on a menu item to the


Another sore point is that to the files. Odt,. Ods,. Odp is not associated with the program and also an attempt to drag the file directly on the program fails. The only way is to open the file menu ODF.

Actually not really. Here's what the situation.


Documents of type. Odt is associated with an icon of WordPad completely misleading! even if you open the document with the double click you get the desired result ie opening the document correctly in Microsoft Word.

Spreadsheets. Ods no associated icon and actually they are not associated with any type of program. Same thing for the presentation format. Odp.

So while the documents. Odt the double click working, spreadsheets and presentations, the only way to open the file using the menu item ODF in its program.

Last sore point: however you can not save files directly, only in the ODF format but always need to save the document format in their Office and you can then save it in ODF format.


What about ... a step forward, but you could certainly do better.

/ me runs