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Some amazing optical illusions

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Optical illusions I have always passionate. From those figures impossible to distort, to illusions of contrast and color. But those that follow are, in my opinion, really fantastic.

We start from the first. Can you count the number of black balls?


No? Perhaps because there are no black balls .

Ok, let's move on. You see of course the various concentric circles that move.


But how is it then that if you focus on one, any one, this is stationary. Is not it great?

But there's more. You see the bullets below as jagged.


Yet just brought her face to the monitor to confirm that there is no animation and all the balls are actually still.

These are not fantastic optical illusions? If you have passion, you find other examples in an article in the Telegraph.

Funny gravity simulator

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For all physicists like me, but not limited to, a fun gravity simulator

E 'can do really everything. You can activate / deactivate the force of gravity, increasing the 'friction materials and even simulate the physics of water.

E 'putting up a beautiful building and then see it fall under the force of gravity. Connecting two or more wheels through the springs on the slopes and then see them fall down or bounce off each other.

In short, make the images more than words

You just have to try it because there are people who managed to do this stuff below.

Do is download

A man, a myth. The experiment of the week

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As often happens in the web, things are great while you're looking for the other.

In this particular case I was looking for an alternative to YouTube that would allow you to view and upload videos in high resolution. They then entered into a portal that seemed to have precisely these characteristics, but I was immediately catapulted into another dimension.

I have indeed made the acquaintance of a man who quickly became one of my myths. The person subject to this cult called Robert Krampf who is a geologist by profession but has become a myth to me when I discovered that since 1998, runs a mailing list titled "Experiment of the Week" every week where he basically describes, in a fun and easily understood, one aspect of our universe.

But even more amazing is that for about a year some of the experiments described in the nearly decade-long presence in his mailing list, have been "converted" to video and it is through these videos that I just have to appreciate the huge capacity of this man to explain complex topics through simple examples.

The videos are of a rare beauty, or because they present with a very high resolution either because, like the mailing list, explaining in clear and understandable to anyone, some of the most bizarre aspects of physics.

It starts, for example, the experiment with the balloon in the car that moves on the wrong side during the motion of the machine that I used as a question in my previous post

As you can see the video is really well done and the explanation is clear and obvious even for those who do not chew much of it English or physics.

There are many other movies really interesting, from how to make emergency glasses with a leaf

approaching a shell to your ear because you hear the ocean

a thousand ways to overthrow a full glass of water without spilling a drop.

And the list of tests and answers to common places is really long. Currently there are more than 50 movies and, of course, the number is growing week by week.

If you are concerned then you're in physics or simply curious to know if it is true that the tablets were immersed in mentos coca cola produce those huge geysers that are seen in various networked video, I recommend you visit the site of Robert Krampf and watch all her videos. You `ll surely love as it is myself.

The strange behavior of the balloon festival in the car.

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A question of physics for my friends. Let's see which of you can answer correctly. Once you reveal the secret place a link to a really great guy who can explain these and other concepts of physics building on the common.

The question is this. We all have the practical experience of what happens inside a car in motion.

If the car accelerates we are being pushed back. If the car slows down suddenly we are being pushed sharply forward.

If the car turns right we feel moved to left and vice versa.

The question is why a balloon of that community all the parties and festivals, filled with helium behaves exactly the opposite ie go backwards when braking, back during the accelerations and moves to the right or left if the machine runs, respectively right and left?

You see, for example in the picture below taken during a right curve


the balloon moves in the direction of the curve (the thread that holds the balloon was highlighted in red) while we feel pull to the left.

The first aspect that I know give a correct answer.

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