Secret Window, Secret Garden

Have you lived for, most likely, more than half of your life, in a place and yet there are places, a few minutes from your house that you have never seen.

Or the places are the same but the views are completely different in how different perspective, the light is different, the feeling is different to be there and to be there for one reason only: you had an hour of time and she brought you here.

Only the mountain bike can do this, can open a secret about a secret garden, like the protagonist of the novel by Stephen King who had his studio in the corner of the house where he had a particular view and "secret" of his garden.

As the protagonist of the novel, the MTB brings you to watch your usual places from a new angle, to give always, great moments of joy and peace.

For the curious, here below, the route taken in quell'oretta of pure discovery and the points where the various photos were taken.

Total distance: 7.68 km
Maximum altitude: 277 m
Lowest point: 181 m
Total climb: 277 m
Total descent: -257 m
Total time: 00:55:30

A confirmation of this ode to MTB, here is another point discovered today, close to my home, which I did not suspect the existence

waterfall Tronto

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