Methodology Scientific Medical Clinic

That is, in simple words, epidemiology and medical semiotics, that is, in more simple words, the art of clinical signs and symptoms (semiotics) and the science that studies diseases in the population (epidemiology).

Examination did last week, but now I can relate.

Part of Epidemiology - Prof. Staniscia

  • Screening. He only had to say stop :-)

Part of Semiotics - Prof. Bove

  • Pneumothorax. I started talking about what a PNX. Eye, do not tell him that it is the air compresses the lung, but the lung fails to expand the presence of air. Signs and symptoms, he wants to hear these three things: Pain affected hemithorax, dyspnea and dry, hacking cough. On physical examination, inspection you notice a ipoespansione chest concerned, on palpation, in addition to confirming the ipoespansione, you have a Fremitus reduced or absent, the percussion sound iperchiaro tending to tympanic and auscultation sound amphoteric that is similar to when blowing in the neck of a bottle.
  • Percussion, where we find the sound tympanic? He puts me in trouble. My first response was, in the place where the air is collected. And he, okay, but where is this place? As in the books always remember the image of the lung collapses toward the bronchial tree I tried the answer "side". Instead, according to him, do not know if it's true, but it's what he wants to be told, the air collects up to which the percussion of the lung apices find precisely this sound tympanic for the collection of air while, at the grassroots , we will find the lung, being collapsed, produces, percussion, sound hypophonetic, almost to the thigh.

Part of Semiotics - Prof. Gianberardino

  • Doubling physiological and pathological II heart sound. He had to say stop :-)
  • Points oscultazione heart. The usual which I added the point of Erb, third space intercorstale line parasteranle left for aortic valve insufficiency.
  • What is Fremitus ? The famous "say thirty"
  • The Fremitus in PNX? What? a deja vu?

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