Pre examiner of medical semiotics

maneuver Jordanian To be admitted to the examination. Five minutes but I was almost beginning to scrub. These questions

  • Maneuver Murphy . Ok, the point and let the thing I said okay but I went a moment in the ball when he asked me ...
  • What does that Murphy is positive. What causes pain. No. As ... no panic !!! He said "It is .. and then" we would arrive soon. Instead thirty seconds of panic before he could say "the locks the inspiration for the pain caused by palpation"
  • Sign Giordano . Here are gone smoothly.
  • Nell'edema what we're going to feel? Here I thought I would be safe because I know what it is because I do it to all patients that have happened to me in his hands, and as he feels it is what it means when the dimple remains or disappears. But he asked me ...
  • Ok, what is it called this maneuver? And I. Want the name? And you, you, this is semiotics. Never knew, or removed from the database, which is called the sign of Fovea

But in the end all right. Next step, the actual exam.

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