How to find your lost or stolen phone.

This article comes from a personal experience. On the morning of 31 December I lost the cell phone on the street and I noticed only in the late afternoon. Obviously, the point where he had fallen partly because there was no more, having snowed, a cell phone along the way, in the snow, stands out as a local red light in the Sahara desert.

But the story has a happy ending because, thanks to the location of the devices Google Android, I identified with an accuracy embarrassing (5 meters), the house where he was missing my phone and so I could recover.

So I want to tell you how you enable this feature, called Google "Android Device Manager", which allows, in addition to see where the cell, and also to make it ring, nell'evenienza, to block it.

The first thing to do is of course to have a Google account, but if you have an Android phone, you have it for strength.

The second thing is to enable the remote management of devices. On your phone, go to the list of the app, click on the icon "Google Settings", then go to "Security" and then check "Locate this device remotely" and "Allow remote lock and reset."

Activation Management Devices Android

On other versions of Android, by clicking on "Settings Google" find the Voge "Android Device Manager" which then takes you to the third screen.

Once this is done you can go on the website to manage your device

Android device manager

that will show you the list of phones associated with your Google account, where is the cell in question with the possibility precisely to make it ring, lock it or to remove all data from your phone, as a last resort.

This is not the only possibility. If you have a Samsung phone you can also turn on Find My Mobile Samsung that has characteristics similar to those of Google

find my Mobile

In short, the ability to recover a lost or stolen phone are provided of course then you always leave the phone's GPS on and to have a connection with the INTERNET poprio opertatore phone.

I hope this information will be useful as they have been for me and welcome in 2015.

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