Today begins the trial for the death of Morosini

Today there will be the first day of the trial of three doctors charged suspects in the death of Morosini, the doctor of Livorno Calcio, that of Pescara Calcio and that of the 118.

dae left alone We will see what will happen. I do so I have written on this topic but I had lost these lucubrazioni doctors suspected or better, I hope, their lawyers, who in an attempt to reduce the responsibilities of their patients, they pull out of the rabbit some justification to limit the paradoxical.

For the 118 doctor there was no agreement between the stadium and the 118 so he would not have intervened. I am stunned, there is a medical emergency in a place of competence of an operations center 118 and the center would not have to send his doctor because there is a convention? Boh.

piermario_morosini_e_dae Another justification is that the 118 doctor saw that there was a primary field he had to intervene. I remember that, apart from the public order and security of the scene, in a health emergency, the doctor of the 118 is the God on Earth, but maybe I'm wrong.

The other doctors present were justified by saying that they did not know of the presence of the defibrillator in the field.

morosini the dae is opened I leave you to judge. Looking at the pictures. In the first it looks like a child forgotten by all, but that's later. In other photos, I think we can say with certainty that the doctors present had not noticed that thing yellow from the shock?

Indeed in the doctor's statement is a further blow to everything I believe in. "No one told us that there was a defibrillator and that was used .." "THAT WAS USED". I got it? Perhaps sought instructions? Who was to say to a doctor who was a disease; and that the only cure is currently accepted that thing yellow? Perhaps the linesman? The referee? The seller of peanuts in the stands?

A Emi increasingly appalled.

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