Quiz of medicine for my friends sports

Last Wednesday I attended the progress of medical tests in 2014, a test that lasts the entire day with 300 multiple choice quiz that is not the purpose of valutarci individually but to verify the maintenance of knowledge / skills over the years and among universities.

Among these 300 quiz there was one particular character podistico that made me smile and I want to offer. This is the text.

Athletic performance of Emiliano and Donato are very similar. A few minutes before the start of the marathon in Rome, Donato decides to take 150 ml of sucrose syrup (the common white sugar) to 40% to get the energy boost needed to overcome Emiliano which is on the same line of departure. Emiliano wins the marathon and Donato reaches 112 ° What is the metabolic casusa the modest performance of Donato?

  1. Donato took a dose of sugar is not enough to sustain him during the entire duration of the race
  2. Sucrose has caused a spike in blood glucose and insulin secretion with stimulation of glycogen synthesis, lipogenesis and inhibition of glycogen and beta-oxidation
  3. The rise in blood sugar has generated a rapid activation of insulin-dependent dell'AMPchinasi
  4. Sucrose is glucose and galactose while Donato had to hire only glucose
  5. Donato has lost probably because the night before he went to the disco :-)

The choice is yours that you think proper.

Obviously any reference to facts, names or people is purely coincidental :-)

The correct answer to the question above is ...
B. Swallow sugar immediately before a race produces a peak of insulin secreted sugar into glycogen in the liver decreasing, temporarily, that available for the rest of the body

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