Anti journalistic information on the use of the defibrillator

I am one of many trying to disclose the proper techniques for CPR on a patient in cardiopulmonary arrest because, if the procedures are done correctly and the first to take action, THAT YOU, you know what to do, the patient has a good chance of recovery .

This is why I inflict so much, such as event Morosini , and also creating websites specifically to spread this culture to the rescue.

And then, what do I have to see in a newspaper having general circulation? THIS HUGE tomfoolery

defibrillazione_errore_giornale Did you know that the use of the defibrillator is the only thing that can restart a heart. In Pescara, 3 doctors are under investigation in the case because of Morosini, despite having from the beginning , they have not used.

And here, what they say, to be used after 15 minutes of "inactivity". After 15 minutes, my dear journalist (no, journalist is an insult to serious journalists), the brain's nice that went down the drain.

If you have it and do not use it criminally answer. Know this. Other than "after 15 minutes". It should be applied to the patient AS SOON AS AVAILABLE.

Repeat it all together, so maybe the reporter whistle a little 'ears: AS SOON AS AVAILABLE.

The correct method of operation? That before you write something so important, which is then read by perhaps millions of people, gather information and ask any rescuer enabled BLSD, it would be a good thing for those who can boast at this point without honor, the title of journalist .

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