The waterfalls training, Abruzzo is increasingly recognized

As many of you will have seen , this weekend I was at the first of a series of training sessions to create a national group of trainers of civil protection.

The course was held in Pontassieve (FI) has gathered 145 volunteers from the various member associations to ANPAS with the aim to teach us how to teach.

But what I want to tell you are not training techniques that we were taught but instead to tell some anecdotes which featured a group of 11 volunteers from Abruzzo, unfortunately, like any self-respecting Abruzzo, absolutely can not go unnoticed.

The cascade training Abruzzo

The cascade training Abruzzo

The long journey is studded, needless to say, with considerable culinary stops that bode well for the rest of the event.

Upon arrival we immediately overwhelmed by a fast plenary session presentation, and then divided, together with the other volunteers present in the classrooms of about 20 students who will follow more or less the same program.

Program that immediately reveals peculiar. Already starting from the fact that our presentation follows a method that I found, but only in retrospect, very effective.

Basically, instead of being invited to get up one at a time and introduce ourselves, we are invited to get up all together and heading towards another at random any of the other students, and to present us stating the name and region of origin, then choose another student, and to meet him, tell him what we like to do and, to a much more say what we would do in the future. A method that leaves us all a little 'stunned but then there is a lot of fun in this whirlwind of presentations at the center of the room.

But that's not all, once you have completed this part, the teacher takes one at a time each of us and asks who were the three to have met him asking them if they remembered the name, region, and other things that the person said them during the meeting.

Obviously, except for isolated cases, mega fool in general how often we do not even remember who he had met who, let alone remember the names and other info.

All this in order to create an educational group first initial and prove that often, when we meet someone we miss even the basics such as the name and origin. But at the end of this part, knew the name and desires of each of us.

It continues with a lecture on teaching methods, but do not have time to get used to the classic lecture that now we are overwhelmed in a new interactive challenge.

We are in fact divided into two groups and we are given the objective to achieve, in 15 minutes, a bridge that is able to hold a glass of water. The two groups have at their disposal a set of identical materials comprising a plastic bottle, tape, straws, skewers and other things.

The main difficulty is that each group must realize that the middle of the bridge and then the two halves should fit together to achieve the goal and obviously a group that does not see what the other is doing and the only contacts are two brief meetings at 5 and 10 minutes by two elements of the two teams that had, in voice, please agree on how to draw.

Now the two groups have started to work and after an unsuccessful first encounter various trials, and there has been directed towards a common solution

A stage in the construction of the bridge

A stage in the construction of the bridge

which is then proved successful. That is indeed an exciting time of the test with the glass.

YouTube Preview Image

It must be said that the bridge then straight for a long time even a whole bottle full even if the purpose, as some of you may have figured out, was not so much the realization of an end in itself, but to see how a new group of people interacted with each other to form a leader, operators and could interact in an interactive and non-oppressive towards the other group for the common goal.

At this point, the various moments of debriefing to understand the meaning of what you did, how we felt, strengths and weaknesses of our work.

You will then return to the hotel for dinner. Here Abruzzo has been recognized to be due to the different local products brought to the table

YouTube Preview Image

both for the excellent "sugar craft" offered between the various tables. I wonder why some strange reactions

The sugar

The sugar

there was not even pure alcohol within :-)

The evening ends for me almost immediately after dinner, tired and want to do a certain thing the next morning soon have the upper hand and 23, after a little 'studio, collapse in bed.

In fact, the morning arrives and, against all odds negatives of various owls, at 06:00, on a cool September morning in shorts and are ready to face, on the run, in the hills above Pontassieve reserving the beautiful landscapes and of wonderful surprises such as the meeting with six deer in three different places.

After about an hour and a half jog for a good 12Km route and 466 meters of ascent

I'm ready for breakfast and for the new morning plenary session.

But even this more surprises. In fact, the chairs are gone and we are invited to sit in a circle

Everyone in the circle for the cup song

Everyone in the circle for the cup song

and we are given a paper cup that is used to beat a rhythm on the floor against his other hand and that regularly goes past the right companion. The purpose of the activity, wake up (I have been for a while ' :-) ) And energize the group with the aim to make it clear that the group is a machine where each gear must be well oiled and that if one stops or fails, it fails the entire general objective as the cup song where, if one does not pass correctly the glass at the end of the glasses end.

From here a lesson for all new moments of lectures which, however, lead us to the highlight of the three days, ie simulations lesson. In groups of two speakers, one is chosen to achieve a quick lesson on topics like where to build on what has been learned.

At this stage, since they are not chosen to do the rapporteur, decide to make the jammer. Since that time it's all a rundown of questions, objections, and at one point even a beginning of a fight with one of the trainers to test the reaction of the students who are taking the place of the trainers.

Some behave properly, for example, I pretend to have a phone and start talking loudly with the phone but I get reprimanded, albeit abruptly, and so I apologize and I get back to sit. Others have an attitude, by the trainer, too confrontational. For example, after some of my complaints to a supervisor, I am even called for as they are sitting in the chair as I released a posture too. This is not good because we are teaching adults and adult film one for his confrontational posture means to trigger a reaction with the same port that will surely increase the conflict in the classroom. I, not wanting to exasperate the minds, I got just mumbling but, in retrospect, would have been nice if I got up to walk towards the speaker in a threatening or leave the room cursing :-)

However, while the role of the top jammers is done by only me and the two trainers officers, after a while 'other colleagues are beginning to realize that you can do and participate in the "game" of noise creating serious difficulties for those who were at that time "in the chair".

On the one hand it is fun to do but on the other jammer is a way to put the future trainer in terms of understanding what might happen in real classroom and how to manage those most "difficult".

After this second day of fun and very educational, you grant us, after dinner, a moment of karaoke

YouTube Preview Image

and participation in a ceremony a bit 'special

YouTube Preview Image

This is what I believe will bring eternal expulsion of all associations from the Abruzzo National ANPAS :-)

But, not content with the disasters perpetrated so far, we grant also output in Florence but unfortunately lasts for too long. Returning to the hotel at two in the morning, our euphoria leads to an underestimation of a factor.

When the lifts say "up to 6 people" they mean 6 normal people, not 6 Abruzzo. And in fact, the elevator stops a few inches before our plan, blocking it completely. Closed in six in a cramped space for two in the morning, with the elevator that does not respond to any commands with the door locked and we are forced to ring the bell and let us open the door manually by the night receptionist.

Usual figure of the usual Abruzzo, whose names are, however, currently awaiting a secret investigation that the judiciary performs the investigation for the crime of interruption of public elevator :-)

Obviously lions evening ... morning from cogl ...... and this morning we did not even have a song to save energy.

But even if we are a bit 'mushy, we can carry out the last test of this first training session that is organizing a training course on the whole tended to form a logistics manager of a refugee camp.

Group photo of our class with students and trainers in full

09/15/2014 00:36:46 greetings, hugs and see you in a month for the next training module.

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