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As in all things, looking superficially a problem the solution seems easy. But it was true. Take the test for admission to medicine.

The Minister for Higher Education, Stefania Giannini, has publicly expressed reservations about the test for admission to degree courses in Medicine and aired an alternative hypothesis "French": any candidate who so wish may enroll in the first year and the selection is made based on the results of the examinations of the first year, assuming the continuation of the studies only the good students, the number required by European regulations.

It seems an interesting alternative but it will be just like that? Well, looking at the ' analysis of the proposal of the minister who makes Andrea Bellelli, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Rome La Sapienza, on The Daily, say that it is a solution to cazzum.

I summarize the criticisms of this alternative:

  • Since I stay in medicine only if my average at the end of the first year is high, well, refusing any vote that is not 30 and praise. Result, everyone will have the same average, 30 cum laude.
  • The first-year exams are oral, if already now with the Brain of admission there are criticisms and objections, let alone when the decision will be up to oral exams and therefore susceptible to the arbitrary judgment of the teachers in the first year
  • We remove oral exams in the first year and do a mega Brain of the end of the first year. And then, that changes with the Mega Brain of current?
  • Who does not exceed the first year that we do? Expel him from the university that is going against the current legislation which provides that I can repeat the exams as many times as I want?
  • Or leave them at first with the fact that next year we will have twice as many people and so on. So I already had to increase the facilities, faculty, placements of 7 times to make up to free admission in the first year, and now what do we do? now we have 13 times the number of people present recognized at first?

As for me, for me that I have experienced first hand , I add some personal reflection on the current dam. First, for the first time I found a Main competition where it is impossible to cheat. You can be the son of the rector but if you do not walk, do not walk (and for the record, when I did I was also the son of the rector who has not passed) because those who control responses (CINECA) do not know who you are but your barcode and who has the association between the bar code and name (university) does not decide the score.

In addition, we make a comparison with my previous life in Physics in Bologna. That is, say, physics is not an option that you do so with a light heart with the hope of becoming a millionaire or because you take it as a fallback. The do it because you like physics. Yet even there, there were people who was there just to be there, did not want to study and, in doing so slowed down the whole group.

These medicine, however, who are there because they have won a contest, guys, grind like trains tests on tests with strokes of thirty and praise. They are young and then sometimes guilty of naivety man dug up, but if you ask the stages of cellular respiration do not worry that will last and enzyme complex.

So, given that the dam should be there, if you find a better method that is fine, but so far, in my humble opinion, this is the best of all possible worlds.

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