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Guidelines defibrillation in Abruzzo

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Logo AED Defibrillator While this writer was doing during the American Heart Association instructor BLSD, the Abruzzo region, quiet as a mouse has finally pulled out of its " Guidelines for the training and authorization of the use of the automated external defibrillator . "

Cool cool fact about special n. 41 11 Last April , the Commissioner ad acta resolved to approve the document referred to above.

Among the new expectations, the definition of the structures from which you can receive a certificate valid in Abruzzo for the qualification of the establishment of the instructor and performer BLSD BLSD the Abruzzo region.

In particular, institutions that can deliver courses are the individual responsible for the CO 118 in the Abruzzo region and the "provider" or accredited training centers.

The decree also provides guidance in relation to the demands and responsibilities of the individual provider.

Now, you just have to wait for IT accreditation of individuals who will deliver these training courses in the region. We'll be there ourselves ? :-)

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