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Back fear of WiFi

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A Civitanova Marche, the Piergiorgio public education commissioner Balboni, pulled off the WiFi in a primary school in the town of Marche to "solve the problem of potentially dangerous waves."

We therefore await the Councillor the kidnapping of all mobile phones of pupils and teachers, the extinguishing of all the GSM cells, all radio systems, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and all the high and medium voltage lines in the municipal area and, while we're on the construction of a dome outlets chemtrails and the abolition of vaccinations in the municipal area.

Councillor, if you really want to get caught up in the anxiety of electromagnetic waves, the invitation to reflect on one thing: how come to my house, if I go in the basement, my home wifi does not take while I can easily make calls and listen to Radio Maria ?

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