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Physiology I, and this is done with the 2nd year

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They succeeded in doing, in extraordinary session, the last two blocks of the second year of medicine and surgery, Anatomy II , and today, Physiology I.

Started the exam at 9:00. I was 39th. Done at 17:30, an extreme suffering.

What he asked.

  • Cortical areas for motor control. Frobnized to fully Anatomy II
  • Types of neuromuscular innervation. Fast fibers, slow and he added intermediates. Fibers innervate respectively white and red fibers.
  • Differences between red fibers and white fibers. Here I told him pretty much everything, with graphs. Then, however, has balked with a strange question. Differences in ATP-ASICA in the two types of fibers. Since this activity was obviously related to the myosin heads asked me ...
  • Cycle of muscle contraction. Everything perfect. And then with regard to the question above? Boh, at the end, the answer was that there are different isoforms of myosin and that has an activity in the white fibers ATP-ASICA slower myosin of red fibers so the answer was a time difference of the enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of ATP the myosin heads.
  • Inverse myotatic R iflesso. Superficially I had done the stretch reflex and I believed that the reverse was the inverse :-) Apparently it was not so.

Ends and me, we did not, I'm not at all satisfied. And I was there from 9 in the morning I think, Christ, after 8 hours of waiting I do well to reject an exam at the end that did not go bad either. And I wrote on the sheet 21 by saying if I accepted. He did not expect my immediate YES and my line, has become a classic that medicine is like a pig, do not throw anything away :-)

Then I reminded him that he was " the fussy guy "that made ​​me take the entrance exam for medicine, three years ago, virtually apnea. If he is remembered.

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