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Since yesterday turning on facebook shares of the highlights of our and our friends.


But it started to turn some beautiful parodies of famous people and not real. I propose to follow them here as I find them.

Let's start with Jesus

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to continue Silvio Berlusconi has even already have three, the most fun, that of The Jackal, for now only available on their Facebook profile , that of "Obligation of Attendance"

YouTube Preview Image

and that of Gabriele Sabatino Fechete jr. L'Espresso

it then passes to the famous Super Mario

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and any one of a Juventus fan (although this does not make me laugh a lot, but I add it to the record, and no, I'm not Juventus will cheer any team)

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and that of Optimus Prime

YouTube Preview Image

as soon as I find others I'll add them here.

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