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Review of Arctic Proxy Server

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surf the web For work reasons I had to give a customer a web filter is a system that would allow users to naviagare only on certain sites, for example blocking porn sites, malware, viruses, and more.

The combination of squid + squidguard has been successful and I was able to simply install a server with these two applications. Obviously, the configuration is all command line.

To enable the user a user-friendly management of the product I started looking for a web interface for squidguard and eye fell on to me " Arctic ", a French product with a web interface really appealing.

After two days of testing, I received an email from the Arctic with a request for feedback on how I found the product.

This is the response that I sent and which is equivalent to my review of the product.

Hello, over the past two days or tried your product as an ISO image that is as VMWare virtual machine version 1.8.01012 and I found several problems. For example, many web nell'intefaccia settings were not applied after the rescue. In addition, the database of statistics in the download stops at 99%, and from that moment on, the download page starts showing a socket error mysql not found.

ISO also on the LDAP stopped working after my dhcpd assigned another IP to the server

Not to mention the web interface which is really slow and unmanageable with all quell'AJAX.

Also, when I tried to release aggionrare last night hoping that something started to run the version number has not changed even though the upgrade process seems to have been completed successfully. And when I tried to do a new check for new updates available, the web interface has entered a loop between different modal windows that showed the spinner.

For all that this product is currently completely unusable. In the Italian language, we would have said "shit does not work."

Ah, I'm a Linux server from Administrato 1994 by Slackware 1.2

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