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Glass Google and the future of sex

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Sex with glass The nerd of my age will remember the movie " Strange Days "where, in a futuristic Los Angeles tells the last year of the century, December 31, 1999 (the film of 1995).

In the timeline of the movie has been invented a tool that allows you to record all the tactile sensations, visual and emotional of the wearer and allows a player to relive through these emotions. Obviously the most popular recordings are those of extreme sports, and of course sex.

Well, this evolution of the Google Glass I was reminded just this film. Of course, we are not at the level of the story told in Strange Days, but the idea is to link two Google Glass to allow the partners to see our point of view, and simultaneously see the point of view of the partners so as to have a visual "full" of intercourse.

Sex and glass Google

And, of course, you can connect the camera to the system of an iPhone outside to have a third vision, say general, the "show".

Practically the evolution of the erotic dream of the mirror above the bed. Remember these words: "your sex will never be the same." :-)

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