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Anato ... via 2.0

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Anatomy - Purkinje cell When, for a few days, I do not write on my blog does not have to worry. 99% are in the vicinity of a brick of examination and can not do to keep up with everything.

Today we will talk about that is that brick Anatomy II and little questions such as oral submissions were made to the undersigned that, to prepare, work, family, hiking and Christmas holiday drive was almost 5 months, having begun to study this subject exactly the September 1, 2013.

Part of splanchnology - Voting Part 30

I have not been asked for the things I liked the most, ratios, which in general I hated in all organs, but the liver was helped by fingerprints. To vascularity, I had heard ask for in a previous section, and the night before I had had a look.

  • Reports of the liver with the other surrounding structures. Answer below, directly from the original sheet with which I answered the question, adding the ligaments badly because they do not. The only note I made was that the lesser omentum arises not only from the hilum of the liver, but there comes only the portion hepatoduodenal epatogastrica while the portion that goes to the lesser curvature of the stomach arises from the venous ligament with a sort of L then where the angle of the L precisely separates the two ligaments source. Apparently there was this thing in the chapter on the peritoneum but I must have missed. On the sheet, at the bottom, the description from the fingers "original" Marchisio.
  • Trophic and functional vasculature in the lung and possible interactions. Answer always from the original source ie the paper on which I wrote the answer. I added, because I wanted to ask me and asked me, bronchial arborization. Moment of panic observation that "pulmonary vein" was not formally correct. Thirty seconds of panic to get to realize that the problem was simply "veins". Note the underscore Marquesan

reply lung anatomy 2 Answer liver anatomy 2

Part of neuroanatomy - Final score 28

All questions about things that I knew very little, and yet strangely I could not say.

  • Thalamus. A nice little speech about the initial anatomical position and then, as best I could remember all the nuclei. Then he wanted to know afferent and efferent I told him. Here, too, the thalamus is not that I was very nice but I thought the worst.
  • Ciliary body. I looked strange because the eye is splancno and I asked him, "but that eye?". Yes Eventually though my eye was a bit 'on the cabbage I made a nice little speech about the location, the layers and the function of the arrangement of the crystal and production of lymphatic CSF that fills the anterior chamber and the rear of the bulb.
  • Via cochlear implant. Notwithstanding the ear was another one of those organs that I was unsympathetic, via the cochlear and vestibular also because I liked the book and the notes will not understood c'avevo behave like a bat out of the fibers of the cochlear ventrare and back and then I had downloaded an ad-hoc documenting that explained it well and so I said okay. I fell when I asked where she was the ganglion of Corti. I told him but he wanted the name and I was in slow motion :-)
  • That way they arrive reflex arc? Did I said them all, even those who did not believe them arrived. All correct but not the one he wanted. At the end he wanted the gate theory that I knew very well, but that did not make me say why comuque the answer he gave it to me.

This "crap" has lowered the voting splancno, stuff that was not almost never seen. Usually in neuro, with Santavenere, you can just pick up and instead ... but there cares?? :-) 16 points put in the drawer that bring us closer and closer to the cup of the mill white.

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