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The tranviata

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On this Sunday of passion, with Renzi and Christmas around the corner, not knowing which of the two is the greater evil, I leave you with this excerpt from "The tranviata" an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi

I am attaching below even the text so you can follow the words.

A throb of love that defies the most beautiful, not flies away to your nest plus augello
Do not despair, my heart tells me so, come back soon beautiful warrior of love.
Return soon as an obelisk, I'll wait and obey
But how? ...
For your every wish ...
Torment ... oh please go to the doctor, who, with his potion, miracles faraaaa
Secret, it will be a secret between us, let it go if vuooooi
Yes, I want siii!

There's someone at the door? Be
Come too late Open
This is a case of death Noo
What do you say never let the hope
But maybe it has a bit of life This drape ammosciato
it can still be found We tried
if he wants a mouth flowery baciareee

Love ...
drops her head ... because love never?
Loose belt ... and ... what do you want from me?
Socchiudi ... love the eyes and do not be afraid ... it's small cosii
And yet it moves with the rustle of the wind, if you leave me ... Roll, roll, roll
I s'accascia at a time ... does not return upwards.
I remember ...
Lola wants ... here ...
Count Biancamano ... ...
my beautiful cocò,
It was so big ... ...
great bucajola
Fierce as a bull ...
Back soon ... cupid shy away from here ... ... out of here ... let us hear the cry ... pay me ...
Voluptuousness of this ... my mercy
not just look at your blue eyes, and s'intosta not take it anymore.

What do you think pale dove? Where did you find those who trumpet like me?
What do you think ...
Count Biancamano ...
Lola ... I see myself ...
A foul ... like a dwarf ...
Augello the flies away ... my ...
I was dying ...
And to you ... who do you s'incula?

Back soon ... cupid shy away from here ... ... out of here ... let us hear the cry ... pay me ... my enjoyment of this mercy
Love is love so hard, and then let's try another day and time that lascivious try another diiiii.

Thanks for letting Licio in fact (re) discover

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