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The Curse of Undine

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Undine was a water nymph . She was very beautiful and, like all nymphs, immortal. However, if you were in love with a mortal and had given birth to her son, he would have lost his immortality.

As in any love story, Undine falls in love with a handsome knight, Sir Lawrence, and the two were married. At the moment of exchanging vows, Lawrence swore that he would always love her and she would have been faithful. A year after their marriage, Undine bore him his son, and from that moment he began to age.

One afternoon, Ondine was walking near the stables when she heard the familiar snoring of her husband. Entrance to the stables, Lawrence found asleep in the arms of another woman. Furious, Undine pointed a finger at him and cursed him, proclaiming: "You've sworn allegiance to your every breath, and I accepted your vote. So be it. Long as you are awake, you will have your breath, but I had never fall asleep, then it will be removed and you will die! "

The story is the basis of the "Curse of Undine," the historical name of ' primitive alveolar hypoventilation , a severe form of sleep apnea. This disease causes the loss of automatic control of breathing, which means that every single breath should be started voluntarily.

If left untreated, patients with this syndrome die as Ondine's unfaithful husband, as soon as you fall asleep, because during sleep can not control their breathing.

History is from Wikipedia .

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