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Similarities between Stamina and Di Bella

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A word of advice. If you've been even slightly touched by the case Stamina, then go and read the very interesting article on the similarities between the case MedBunker Stamina and Di Bella.

Beautiful especially the initial gem about the strange "coincidence" on the fact that David Vannoni have written in the past, a book entitled "Handbook of Psychology of persuasive communication."

Yeah, persuasive communication of those who try to convince the world to be in possession of a magical cure and that, instead of the path of scientific experimentation, he decided to throw his "method" (but then there's never been a method? ) fed to television programs of entertainment.

Di Bella, Vagner, but even before the care Bonifacio . Cure imaginative in Italy overlook any cyclically nearly twenty years later to promise things that are obviously not able to keep.

The article MedBunker , but long to be read all in one breath.

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