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The television you spy

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And 'night, you are alone in the house, and since we do not know what to do and have recently bought a flat television ultrafigo you decide to look in the last little movie you just downloaded on your USB stick with the title "A Trans Named Desire."

And then, on the other side of the world, a little man comes to know that you are watching this film, and is also to familiarize yourself with all the other great masterpieces of cinema p0rn present on your stick.

Science fiction?

Absolutely not if you have a LG Smart TV as one of DoctorBeet a blogger English, suspicious by advertising that began to appear on his TV, he traced the web traffic produced by your TV who, like many others, are no longer simple TV but small computers suited to surfing, calls with Skype and so on.

Well, he noticed that the content of the channels and saw a list of all the files on the USB devices connected to the TV were sent to a server from LG, to make it what it is not lawful to know.

LG contacted about, he replied that, once accepted the contract for use of the application of SMART TV is also implicitly accepted the possibility, LG, to be tracked in what you did.

The analysis made by DoctorBeet you see that, at least for now the page to which the TV sends the data does not exist as returns an error code 404 indicates that just as the page you requested does not exist. But this is a false sense of security because it is possible that the page in question exists, accumulating data sent and then responds with an error code 404 into believing he does not exist.

This is a case came to light that makes us understand how today with all the technology that pervades us, it is essential to have the opportunity to enter the code that handles our devices to figure out what to do and what not to do them while we're actually legitimately because today is using the contents of the key, which is already serious, but tomorrow our TV might decide to turn on her webcam and its microphone to see and hear what goes on inside our home.

And we do not want this!!

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