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The Path of the King

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In 1901, needing a ride to the workers and materials, the Sociedad Hidroeléctrica del Chorro, owner of the Gaitanejo Salto and Salto del Chorro, two waterfalls in Malaga, built a path suspended over 100 feet above the ground along the walls of a mountain called El camino del rey. The route was long and 3 km wide and in some places just a meter.

The path is still there just because of the lack of maintenance has collapsed in some places, making the route very dangerous so much so that, in the past, some people died or were seriously injured.

For this reason, in 2000, local authorities have closed off access to the switch, destroying even the initial part of the access and put a hefty fine for those who had attempted to walk the path.

But, video in hand, there is still people who face this "walk". Take a look at the video because even without them in person, the ride is still thrilling.

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