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Here's what happens to be linked on the daily show

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In technical jargon is called Slashdot effect and happens when a sitarello with a few hits per day, and so few resources is linked to a site "important" and therefore receives a high number of accesses so that the limited resources available end immediately.

be linked on republic

And 'success in today vitadapapa linked on the site of "the daily" in an article titled "Peppa pig? Anarchist, massona and a bit too 'mafia.'s Word Christian site."

Eye, even from the link on the article "" seems to have been slashdottato but it is just a "looks" due to the fact that those of "the daily" have the wrong link by putting an "e" in most or perhaps are those of "" that they forgot an "e" in the process of domain registration :-).

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