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The Infernaccio will remain forever in my heart

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The gorges dell'Infernaccio, within the national park of the Sibillini Mountains, in the province of Fermo, is one of the most charming Umbria-Marche Apennines.

As in 2010 and in 2011 , today I will tell you the walk made ​​on Sunday last, together with the group Trekking in Abruzzo, within the landscape carved by the river Tenna, then to reach the hermitage of San Leonardo and finally, the coveted hidden waterfall.

The trip unfortunately does not start well as some small delays have been caught a bicycle race that has been with us for about ten km uphill, and that made us accumulate an hour late.

Bad for us as this made us then give up the sources of the Tenna, well for a few cyclist who used our car to gain positions


However, the highlights were the encounter / clash with Pisciarelle

YouTube Preview Image

the crossing within the grooves

Water of the river Tenna

and the fantastic bath under the cold shower of the hidden waterfall. Here you see the time of preparation

Hidden Waterfall - Before diving under the waterfall

in the shower

Hidden Waterfall - During the dive under the waterfall

and curses output

Hidden Waterfall - After the dive under the waterfall

The series, the way of life , part four, the meeting with the cinchiale dead in the middle of the river just downstream of the hidden waterfall

Cinchiale died in the middle of the stream The Rio

Here the unofficial track of the path

Dell'Infernaccio map with routes

and the official one coming from my phone. Also, from here you can download

the. kmz file for Google Earth that contains a level with the 1:25000 map of the area and the track excursion.

kmz file snapshot Infernaccio

Enjoy now the beautiful video, made by Gianni, with our most beautiful photos, inspiring.

YouTube Preview Image

To conclude, I leave you with my photos to complete

and those of maury

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