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house-no-wifi Let's for a moment to read and comment on the decree of to do to see if it is indeed true that from tomorrow we expect the free WiFi throughout.

The article in question is no. 10 and has a symbolic title "Liberalisation dell'allaccio communications terminals to the interfaces of the public network." Having read so it would seem the free WiFi if it were not that we remember that there is still an anachronistic decree created at the time of the SIP, when internet did not exist and when to attack something twisted pair ie the "public network" had to be authorized or that " installation, testing, connection and maintenance of terminal equipment, to be performed in compliance with the technical standards in force, provides the subscriber by the operator of the public service or business authorization holders of appropriate rank to potential 'complexity and' plant '

This decree was, at some point, by the Legislative Decree of 26 October 2010 n. 198 article 2, which extends the current public network INTERNET ie where "Users of electronic communications networks are required to entrust the work of installation, connection, testing and maintenance of terminal equipment referred to in Article 1, paragraph 1, letter a), number 1), which realize the connection of terminal equipment to the public network interface, to authorized firms according to the mode 'and, pursuant to paragraph 2. " So, to install a router, access point and in any case qualsisi communication terminal needed a little man with the license. .

So, it is not that, by chance, the title refers not so much to WiFi as just that decree anacronistoco then going to heal the right thing, but that has nothing to do with WiFi?

And, in fact, a little below, in section 3, we read: "Legislative Decree 26 October 2010, No. 198 have been amended as follows: Article 2. Shall be deleted."

So the point 3. art. 10 of the decree says that to make the installation of routers, modems and access points not 'need a company with certified personnel for the installation of such equipment. So it has nothing to do with the free WiFi but frees those who previously installed network devices to be part of that lobby installers with the license.

Go to Step 1 of the Decree of doing. Here it is difficult to give an interpretation to an article smoky as the point says that "The selection of internet access is free to the public and does not require personal identification of users. The obligation manager garantie traceability the link (MAC Address). "

Come to order. First of all, nowhere is written WiFi then in "The offer Internet access to the public" for me to fall ADSL, Fiber, Sky, and so on. So from now wild jungle? I would say no, I read that "it is free" and in fact, in Italy, access to the INTERNET is not prohibited. Continuing "does not require the personal identification of users." But why this adjective "personal" when it was enough to say "does not require the identification of users." If you do not require identification 'personal' identification requires? It is not that this simply means that I can identify the user with other ways other than that of being of person in front of you but with other systems, "impersonal" as his cell phone? And if, as the point goes, I have an obligation to ensure its traceability of the link but without identification, what can I do? Glissando on the MAC address that is sicurmente an error nerd-newspeak

Step 1 tells us that we can provide internet access to the public, I can identify users with methods "impersonal" and that I have an obligation to track them. Tell me where is the free WiFi.

Step 2. Reaffirming once again that I have to track sessions, "the track of sesione", "where not associated with the identity of the user," does not constitute processing of personal data ... ". So, given that I draw, but do not know who it is only because I know his phone number and other identifying data, then those sessions do not fall in personal data and therefore are not subject to privacy, do not have to get the user authorization to the processing of personal data the user will may require the cancellation.

Then in step 2 of the decree do tells us that the traces of the users are not personal data. No free WiFi.

Last part of paragraph 2, hotels, campgrounds, and all the exercises that do nothing and that, in the margin, offer internet connection, INTERNET POINT are not and therefore do not have a whole series of obligations which have as the INTERNET POINT request for authorization to the police and so on.

In conclusion, a few points have been clarified, the personal data to the fact that hotels are not offering WiFi INTERNET POINT and was removed an anachronistic requirement regarding the installation of the equipment. But where is the free WiFi?

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