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Having reached the end of my term as city councilor Controguerra, I wanted to draw a guide to one of the projects I was involved in my institutional function, namely that of ' WiFi HotSpot located in the center of the square main of our country and I wanted to do with some graphs of use of same.

For those who do not know the law and our country, keep in mind that we are a little town of less than 2,500 inhabitants so do not expect that, but who knows, anyway, in our small way, I can say from the start that the area has WiFi been entirely successful. Let's see why.

The statistics cover the period April 2010 to March 2013 of the date of installation. In the first graph shows the number of monthly activations of new users in the area.

Wifi Controguerra - statistics 2010-2013 - utilities activated

Taking into account that to get access you need to go in town, at the office protocol, and also looking at the graph of the cumulative utilities, I would say that the growth has been pretty steady apart from the initial peak

Wifi Controguerra - statistics 2010-2013 - cumulative utilities

The following chart shows the number of connections made in Wifi, in blue, and the number of hours, in orange, the connection that the users were online using the link INTERNET common

Wifi Controguerra - statistics 2010-2013 - connections and hours

Finally, the last graph shows the Gbytes of traffic consumed by users in WiFi, month by month, in blue, and, with reference to a contract phone traffic data, such as wind, 5 € per month for 1 Gbyte of traffic, in orange, with the corresponding value in euro, per month, users have saved the Wifi network instead of using their data contract with your service provider.

Wifi Controguerra - statistics 2010-2013 - traffic and cost

So, we can say that, from its inception, the area of the municipality of Controguerra WiFi HotSpot has saved citizens, tourists and all users, around something like € 9,500.00 telephone traffic.

Hopes for the future? Well, since the smooth running of the project, I hope the next administration wants to expand the coverage area to other areas of our territory in order to allow a greater number of users to access this service and how to access request is simplified from the current step to the protocol office of the town, to a simplified online registration.

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