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I'm crazy? I would not say, but when the majority of our senators M5S claim to have formed culturally within meetup and when I discover that there are characters within meetup "authoritative" as this gentleman , who says quietly "for years" that we need to eliminate the vaccinations as they become gay, autistic, well, I do not feel very sure of course that I'm intrapprendendo.


It does not end here, still our expert declares that the disease is self-produced in the body that have nothing to do and not viruses or bacteria and that the best way to heal is urine therapy for years and that he is drinking the his urine, not immediately, but the next day and that he convinced his wife to follow him in this practice (I hope to drink their own urine and not that of her husband kept from the day before). In the face of all this new knowledge, then I wonder:

"Why study medicine when I might as well piss in people's mouths?"

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