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Microbiology, our paths diverge NOW!

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influenza virus Before you begin to format the partition where brain are enclosed information regarding this matter, let's save ourselves for future reference, the questions I have been asked.

To say that the professor was "fast & furious" and examination, like that of many other colleagues and it lasted not ten minutes.

  • Question pleasure: Orthomyxoviriadæ. Influenza virus, for friends. Neuraminidase, Emoagglutina, proteins M1 and M2, NS, 8 negative-sense RNA, antigenic drift and shift and so on and so forth
  • Enterobacteria: Home evil speaking of enterococci but immediately return to the track. 20 seconds and we are up and. coli
  • What diseases and produces. coli as well as the enteric forms? Mhhh is uropathogen. else? Boh .... I forgot that is the cause of meningitis in children
  • How to differentiate a e.coli from a shigella? Mhh, shigella produces H 2 S. Yes, and then .... about the fermentation of sugars? Ah, yes, e.coli is shighella is lac + and lac-
  • Spore. Introductory part but now I am stuck. Is there any substance that is produced in the form spore that is not produced by the vegetative Yes, the cortex is the dipicolinato football.
  • Rickettsia. Start talking about it and just know ... What rickettsiae: R. Because of the shape exanthematous prowazekii, R. rickettsia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, R. akari ... Ok that's enough .... I did not even say the orientation tsutsugamushi :-(
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