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piermario_morosini_e_dae In case Morosini , what I have been saying for some time has been confirmed today by the experts appointed by the magistrate: "[the doctors present would] have to search for the automated external defibrillator, and once identificatolo, know immediately use for the purposes mentioned above, thus exploiting the 'incomparable opportunity to intervene early by means of external defibrillation at a time in which the probability of full recovery of the cardiovascular circulation is maximum. Such omission diagnostic-therapeutic, therefore, plays causal role in the determinism of dell'exitus Morosini ".

Translating, the AED was, you had to use it and if you used most likely Morosini was saved.

And it was also accepted what I said from the beginning, that the two sports doctors maybe even longer remembered what it was but what an AED should instead properly handle the scene was the physician of the 118, which, though addressed later , was the only one who had the real skills to sort the mess that was then the intervention of Morosini. But he went in, say, football and indeed for consultants gip the doctor in charge of the 118 "has played the role more delicate and are chargeable to him the more reprehensible behavior profiles. In fact, while intervening at a later time than the first two doctors, one must recognize him, however, the role of leader that he should take, proceeding immediately to the reconstruction acts of rescue practiced by colleagues, immediately recognizing the absence of use of defibrillator and operandone the use to a time in which an external defibrillation would be associated with a probability of survival still rather high. "

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3 Responses to "The experts in the case Morosini: The DAE was and was to be used"

  • maury wrote:

    The lack of the two sports doctors is serious, but that much I'm not surprised.

    But the doctor that the 118 does not intervene as it should intervene was incredible.

    How do you explain it?


    Emiliano Bruni Reply:

    In my opinion, when it finally came found all those roosters in the hen house, the doctor who may know of Pescara, the primary hemodynamic maybe knew and went into the flask. Yet he must know that as commander in chief of the emergency-hospital he was the one who would come all the missiles in the event of a mess, as it was then. So he had to take matters in hand to remove all handle the situation according to the protocols that are there on purpose because it is statistically more efficient, but also because they are a lifeline when then things intorbidiscono.
    Maybe it would also have resulted in the end, I know, that was enough to caress a cheek to solve the problem, but he had saved my ass. I followed the protocol and nowhere is written to give a pat on the cheek of the patient. If you want to change the protocol, but as far as I'm clean.
    And anyway, to look good, apart from the location, the situation was from the first day of the course BLS. Arrivals, a man on the ground unconscious. What are you doing?


  • maury wrote:

    Well, anyway serious misconduct. Even if it was just a lack of adequate and appropriate personality character, is yet another demonstration of how, even if prepared, in Italy we have the wrong people in the wrong places. : (

    PS: still will not reach me notifications of comments that are written here in your blog. :/


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