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Examination of Biochemistry

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Comment on this further obstacle passed 14 credits us closer and closer to the scope of the gift of the mill white dish.


Let's say, for what I had studied, I took a little, but for the questions that made me so much I took. In the end, he wrote on the record the questions that I did I said, "if I had to make a list of things that I knew not, I could not make a better list."

But let's get to the questions and, as they say, good morning starts in the morning or better, with the first question.

  • Now she is just sitting and will be very tense and full of adrenaline. Who is produced by the ' adrenaline ? Yes, I know, the adrenals, but you seem a question to begin with an examination of biochemistry?
  • Ok, what happens in adipocytes when the adrenaline is put into circulation. Wanted the beta-adrenergic receptor is had.
  • Arriving at the PKA (protein kinase A) wanted to know how the activation and deactivation. Moment of panic and then I saw, in the brain, the shape of the regulatory and catalytic subunits.
  • Ok, now what does the PKA? Guys, here he wanted everything he does PKA in all circuits glycol (lysis / synthase), and all those glycogen (lysis / synthase) including all the enzymes activated and deactivated .
  • In the meantime I also asked how the enzyme glycogen phosphorylase on glycogen and then as happens glycogenolysis.
  • Ok, still on PKA. This rule also further glycolytic reaction. What? I had said them all, lacked only the pyruvate kinase, say it to him, and that was.
  • I write the reaction, including the structural formulas, catalyzed by pyruvate kinase . Did I AND writing. Let me just note, for later, so I wrote that the structural formula of pyruvate .
  • How to returns the pyruvate to phosphoenolpyruvate ? And I wrote two steps from pyruvate to PEP all'ossalacetato and here
  • Okay, pyruvate carboxylase how it works and how is it hooked carbon dioxide? Biotin
  • I write the structural formula of biotin and how it works. And here I go quiet even though I had started writing the thiamine . eye that I asked biotin. Ah, yes. was writing What was it? Thiamine.
  • Ok. Let's go back to fatty acids, as they are synthesized ? childbirth dall'acetil-CoA but it stops at the malonyl-CoA.
  • But the ' vinegar-CoA at the cellular level where we find him? mitochondrial level.
  • And the fat where they synthesize? Cytosolic level.
  • It comes as acetyl-CoA from the mitochondria. Here I learned only say that there is certainly a carrier of acetyl-CoA on the inner membrane of the mitochondrion. The answer is that it is carboxylated to malate and, I added, transported by the malate-aspartate shunt.
  • I write the sick . I write. Thats the fumarate . Ok, then just moisturize :-)
  • What we need, since we are ossiadando acetyl-CoA to form fatty acids? Boh. The answer is reducing power.
  • And what comes this power? Since NADPH .
  • And where did the NADPH? Since pentose phosphate pathway .
  • E. ....: Boh. Never heard of ' malic enzyme ? Oh, yeah, notes on a line that says the NADPH can be formed by the pentose phosphate pathway and malic enzyme.
  • Could you write the reaction catalyzed by malic? No. 'decarboxylation of the patient, put the formulas and see what comes out. I do it.
  • Ok, the result is. Boh (I was in the ball more total). Should know ....... it was on the pyruvate :-)

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