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This video was made a few weeks ago during the course of the new BLSD rescuers of the Green Cross of Villa Rosa to show that even in the two rescuers, the procedures to follow up on the patient unconscious seguento protocol 2010 of the operations center 118 of Teramo allow to perform a rescue as more streamlined and without that there is chaos or misunderstandings between the rescuers.

The simulation provides

  • the arrival on the target of the two rescuers,
  • security management of the scene,
  • control of the state of consciousness of the patient
  • the control of the airway, breathing and pulse
  • the alert to 118
  • the start of resuscitation procedures on patients in respiratory arrest only
  • the start of resuscitation procedures on patients in cardiopulmonary arrest
  • the use of the defibrillator
  • the revaluation due to unexpected signs of a circulation (movement, coughing and breathing)
  • loading the stable patient in an ambulance.
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