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The state wants to block the sale of Ring

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Remember the game ring of which I spoke a few days ago? Well, the state, which often takes months or years for an interest in the REAL problems of our country was, in this case, very effective and in fact here is a parliamentary question by Senator Baio to the Senate of the Republic.

The response of Immanuel Castro was immediate.

Dear Ms. Baio, [...] I can only say upset the misunderstanding that has been done the work.

Of questionable taste? Lets leave this decision to the buyers.
But reaction to induce the exploitation of prostitution? to incite to violence against women?
We're talking about a game Lady. Of fiction.
If so how should we judge the popular board game Risk? A game that incites to war?
I want to say that for her a game about war is more acceptable than a satire on the escort?
We want to put to shame even Cluedo? in which the player plays a murderess. Or maybe Monopoli, that encourages the rampant capitalism and reduce groped in bankruptcy, even through the usury, the opponents?

Ring is a game of satire that moves on a plane of fiction. Not by chance have been chosen illustrations. This does not mean at all to give approval to the moral content of the game (if a game really needs a moral approval). But take a parody of a grotesque society where the commodification of the female body reaches its peak in mass-market products such as cinepanettoni and makes subjects such as prostitution or sex scandals the main form of entertainment journalism.

Also in Italy and are sold to minors (which the manufacturers do not Ringing) video games with content MUCH more explicit and violent than those proposed by Ring.

Mii leaves at least perplexed / a that was not even asked the author of the game, as you would expect from a rule of law.

I finally perfect to point out that Italy has real problems that deserve your attention, paid for with public money, which is currently dedicated to the hand, to card games

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