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Seen the last spot of the iPhone. Apple for the laws of physics are only a suggestion.

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That is to say, in the English version , the ad speaks of "general guidelines" that makes it a little 'less "blasphemous" phrase, but in Italy, where even the laws, for some, are just suggestions, we shocked if the laws of physics are associated with any suggestions?

For more analysis, I refer you to ' article by Kepler .

Let's see then who among the non-physical, recognizes more "things" on the blackboard at the beginning of the spot. in a few days the solution in the comments.

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2 Responses to "The laws of physics are only a suggestion. Fuck that Mr. Apple! "

  • sauce wrote:

    miserably .. recognize only E = mc2 ;-)


  • andynaz writes:

    So, if I'm not mistaken there is the law of universal gravitation to the first line, the 5th and 6th row seem Maxwell's laws (but there could swear to that test I copied!), always 5 nd line seems to recognize a law on gas ... I agree then with the formula E = mc ^ 2! :-D

    ps: the link to the blog of Kepler seems poorly written ... :-)


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