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Laugh with the beautiful strip of Zerocalcare the captcha words of the odious system present in almost all the registration forms online and that force you to decipher the letters in the middle of a jumble of other symbols

For the record, the guilt of your suffering goes to this young man who, in 2000, along with other ideological system CAPTCHA.

Did you know that Google uses to decrypt captcha words that the automatic scanning of Google Books was not able to understand? If you notice in fact, often, the captcha is composed of two words, a quite understandable, the other often incomprehensible.

Well, one is the actual captcha the other is additional work that Google is trying to do to you because its automated systems are not able to understand a word when scanning an old book.

Hence was born the idea of ​​"best" Google. If everyone started to write, the word "additional", the same word which has nothing to do with what you see on the screen, the word "additional" begin to appear in the books of Google.

Hence, for example, the project Nigger , created to make it clear to Google, which is not nice exploit our work. Already is a stress trying to decipher a captcha, then if you want to also do additional work on your own, then it is full.

See how, by reading a simple strip born to laugh you jump to more serious topics.

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