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With Anatomy, all the sadness go away

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And we are here to talk, with nine days before the start of classes in the second year of my last exam of the first year, to anatomy (enable). Despite the great confusion in my head between names of bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and structures, the examination has slipped away in a fifteen minute test virtually all written down.

On the other hand this morning when I walked to school my children gave me a kiss and I had hoped to take up so it could not be otherwise.

During the written exam, however, your Captain, has been able to demonstrate its great artistic skills in designing some of the structures contained in our body. Dear Dr. Netter , look at anatomical drawings below and learn from a true artist.

Returning serious, let's move to questions.

  • Identify the distinctive features of the cervical vertebrae from other vertebrae. Facet Joints flat and horizontal. Vertebral triangular hole wider than the body which instead is small and cylindrical (except 1C which has not melted in the body as 2C). Transverse processes drilled. Spina bifida 7C except that the plug has single and 1C (atlas) that has no plug.
  • What goes in the transverse processes drilled? Vertebral artery and vein.
  • On all transverse processes drilled pass vertebral artery and vein? Here I did not understand if in the end I said for better or worse. Somebody give me the right answer. Update: Some of my colleagues have said that the answer is that it runs only on the C7 vertebral vein but not the artery because the hole is small. Fantastic. Pulling guess I had responded to the teacher that the only difference was that the C7 then I added "there goes nothing." That's why I noticed a strange expression on his face and I did not know whether or not I gave the right answer. An answer given to her ass and almost just as well, for my conscience is worth double
  • Draw the altante (the best thing, in retrospect, is the inscription front., And post., As if, with respect to scribble drawn, something changed if the above was the back and under the front)

  • Draw the circle of Willis. Below This is the design that I made ​​at home. What did the examination was a bit 'more ugly and black and white.
  • Margins and contents of the middle cranial fossa.

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